Start the Lunar New Year with Google Arts & Culture

Today marks the start of the Lunar New Year—we’ve entered the Year of the Rooster. Across Asia and around the world, families are coming together, houses and neighborhoods are being dressed up in red and traditional lanterns are being hung. If you’re still wondering about what the fireworks are all about, Google Arts & Culture […]

Year of the Meetup

We hereby declare 2012 as the Year of the WordPress Meetup. You’ll want to get in on this action. meet·up \mēt-əp\ noun A meeting, especially a regular meeting of people who share a particular interest and have connected with each other through a social-networking Web site: a meetup for new moms in the neighborhood; a meetup to plan the trip; a meetup for WordPress users.1 So what is a WordPress Meetup? Basically, it’s people in a community getting together — meeting up — who share an interest in WordPress, whether […]

Renewing old resolutions for the new year

As we head into 2012, we’ve been sticking to some old resolutions—the need to focus on building amazing products that millions of people love to use every day. That means taking a hard look at products that replicate other features, haven’t achieved the promise we had hoped for or can’t be properly integrated into the […]

Google+: A few big improvements before the New Year

Today we’re pleased to announce a goodie basket full of Google+ features and functionality for you to unpack and enjoy over the holidays. Some of these were on nearly everyone’s wishlist… and some we hope will be welcome surprises. These features will be rolling out over the next couple of days, and we hope you’ll […]

Ending the year with another clean energy investment

We’ve made a new $ 94 million investment in a portfolio of four solar photovoltaic (PV) projects being built by Recurrent Energy near Sacramento, California. This brings our portfolio of clean energy investments to more than $ 915 million. We’ve already committed to providing funding this year to help more than 10,000 homeowners install solar […]

What were we watching this year? Let’s rewind 2011.

One hundred years into the future, when our great-grandkids look back to what was capturing the world’s imagination on YouTube in 2011, what will they make of us? Will they still be delighted by babbling babies? Will they still be “so excited” about the weekend? And will they be any closer to understanding the mystery […]

Why is the most exciting social service of the year

It’s emerged out of nowhere to become one of the coolest sites on the Web in a matter of weeks, but what’s the story behind, what’s so great about it and where is it going? A service amassing a reported 140,000 users in its first month is nothing to be sniffed at at any […]

RIM stock sinks to four year low as Apple’s iMessage unsettles investors

It seems that Apple’s WWDC keynote had the desired impact for the Cupertino-based company; developers are salivating at the new APIs, consumers can’t wait to get their hands on iOS 5 and Mac OS X Lion operating systems and investors are beginning to doubt products and services provided by its competitors. It seems Apple’s keynote […]

New Year, New Asynchronous Tags for GWO

Happy New Year fellow testers! We’ve just made a change to the Website Optimizer tags that will help your pages load faster, improve data accuracy, and eliminate tracking errors when tags are not fully loaded. The next time you go to create an experiment, you’ll be given the new tags, which use asynchronous JavaScript. Asynchronous […]