Watch WordCamp San Francisco Livestream

WordCamp San Francisco is the official annual WordPress conference, gathering the community every year since 2006. This is the time when Matt Mullenweg addresses the community in his annual State of the Word presentation – a recap of  the year in WordPress and giving us a glimpse into its future. This year the speaker lineup is stellar. There will be talks by […]

Watch the Hajj from the Grand Mosque of Mecca live on YouTube

Tomorrow marks the start of the observance of Eid El Adha, celebrated by the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims. As part of this holiday, nearly 2.5 million Muslims will participate in the world’s largest pilgrimage to perform the ritual of Hajj. This year, millions more from around the world will be able to experience the ritual […]

Watch a star-studded reading of the play 8 live on YouTube this Saturday night

From time to time we invite guests to the blog to talk about a topic of interest. We’re thrilled to have Rob Reiner, actor and director, join us today. — Ed. I want to invite you to come to YouTube on Saturday, March 3, to watch a reading of a powerful new play, 8, about […]

What is an affordable watch brand or model that uses a swiss automatic movement?

Question by oldirtybabb1985: What is an affordable watch brand or model that uses a swiss automatic movement? I am looking for an affordable model with a swiss automatic movement. I define affordable (in regard to my current income) as below $ 300. I currently purchased an Invicta 8296 with the Japanese movement which has sparked […]

Watch the Hajj in Saudi Arabia—the world’s largest pilgrimage—live on YouTube

Nearly 2.5 million Muslims will officially begin the annual Islamic ritual of the Hajj on November 5, in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The Hajj represents one of the five pillars of Islam; it requires all Muslims around the world who are able-bodied and can afford it to perform the pilgrimage once in their lifetime. The Hajj […]

Tonight, watch the Google Science Fair final event live

The young scientists of the world have proven themselves truly impressive people—inventing technologies to improve the accuracy of prosthetic devices, developing video-audio memory aids for dementia patients and improving switch designs to prevent train derailments. These are just three of the top 15 projects competing for the grand prize in the inaugural Google Science Fair […]

Watch the lunar eclipse from anywhere

(Cross-posted on the YouTube and Lat Long blogs) We’re always fascinated by the unique wonders of space and the world—what can we say, it’s the geek in us! Naturally, when we learned that part of the world will be treated to a rare 100-minute long total lunar eclipse starting at 11:20am PDT today, we were both excited […]