Safe Browsing—protecting web users for five years and counting

In this post, we’ve collected some highlights from the past five years of our Safe Browsing efforts, aimed at keeping people safe online. See the Security Blog for the full details and more visuals. -Ed. Five years ago, we launched Safe Browsing, an initiative designed to keep people safe from malicious content online. Our primary goal was […] rolls out branded email addresses to its users

AOL owned, has just rolled out a new feature that it’s beta testing – email addresses. While addresses were previously only used by team members, they’re extending the service to anyone who has an account. Your username will become your email address, and you can send and receive emails, and see your incoming […]

Thai Twitter users face prison if they tweet during election

With the 2011 Thai General Election fast approaching, the nation is gearing up to embrace what could herald a new chapter for the country, and revitalize its democracy after more than 5 years of political crisis. But news has emerged that Thais could face a stint in jail and a hefty fine if they’re caught […]

Users abandoning desktop email clients for mobile, study reports

Many of the tasks we’ve traditionally undertaken have been moving over to mobile over the past few years thanks to devices like the iPhone that have shifted our expectations. Email usage is one of those tasks, with email marketing company Campaign Monitor revealing some interesting patterns from the last two years of data it has […]

Welcome, Google Apps users!

Google Apps recently launched an improvement that made dozens of exciting Google services available to Google Apps users for the first time. As part of this launch, Google Website Optimizer is now available to our Google Apps users for free with their Apps accounts. Google Apps is Google’s suite of cloud-based messaging and collaboration apps, […]