Original Semiologic Theme Updated!!

Many, many years Denis created the Original Semiologic theme (2005 to be exact).  It existed well before all the "premium" themes and theme shops and clubs.   It's primary competitor was Chris Pearsons' Thesis theme.   In 2009 the Semiologic theme was retired and a greatly improved and more full functional theme, Semiologic Reloaded was […]

Updated Sem-Cache Bolstering Site Performance

A bug in how an external css file was being incorrectly processed led me to dig into the asset caching functionality of the Semiologic Cache plugin.  The purpose of asset caching is to improve website performance by reducing the number of requests for "assets" (javascript files and css files) will also reducing the size of the asset that […]

First batch of plugins updated for WordPress 3.5 compatibility released

As previously posted I've been working on updating the Semiologic theme and plugins to work with WordPress 3.5.   I am happy to announce that I have published the first 14 plugins.   These plugins are hosted both here on the Semiologic site in the Software area, as well as, the WordPress Plugin Directory. All […]

Find out what people are searching for with the updated Hot Searches list

People turn to search when they’re looking for answers and information, and sometimes what they want to know is on other people’s minds as well. You can learn a lot about what’s happening around the country or catch wind of a breaking news story by looking at what others are searching for. With Hot Searches […]

Collaborate and edit anywhere with the updated Google Docs for Android

As I was sitting on the ferry commuting to Google’s Sydney office this morning, two thoughts occurred to me. First, Australia is beautiful. If you’ve never been here, you really should visit. And second, it’s amazing how productive I can be with just my Android phone and an Internet connection. I was responding to email, […]

Updated and more detailed Transparency Report

Our Transparency Report discloses the information that governments have asked for over the past six months. For our latest batch of data, covering July through December 2010, we wanted to improve the way we give you the information, so we’ve updated the look of the report and added more details. We’ve highlighted some significant changes […]