Google News turns 10

Google News launched on September 22, 2002—exactly a decade ago. Inspired by the widespread interest in news after the September 11 attacks, we invested in technology to help people search and browse news relevant to them. Google News broke new ground in news aggregation by gathering links in real time, grouping articles by story and […]

Software Turns Duplicate PLR Articles Into Unique Articles

Software Turns Duplicate PLR Articles Into Unique Articles Dupliterminator Software Is Suitable For PLR Article Users, Article Marketer & Bloggers. Earn 5 Income Streams Including Recurring Commission. We’ll Hard-code Your Affiliate Id For Permanent Tracking! Get Free Tools At Software Turns Duplicate PLR Articles Into Unique Articles Astore Script V1.0 Professional Edition Astore Script […]

Cc:to me turns your email inbox into an Instapaper alternative

At it’s most basic level, the new service cc:to me is an easy and free way to email bookmarks to yourself from anywhere on the web. Because cc:to me gets everything done with the simple use of a bookmarklet, it doesn’t matter what your operating system or browser of choice is – anyone can use the […]

Artsy Editor turns WordPress into a minimalist distraction-free writing web app

Over the years, WordPress has introduced more and more features, which, although make the software a more robust blogging platform, have made the writing UI more cluttered. Nevertheless, I have gotten so accustomed to it, so much so that I have found myself preferring it over many other writing tools and applications simply because it […]

Appysnap turns iPhone photography into a quick-fire game

There are no shortage of games on Apple’s App Store; app developers are constantly evolving their ideas to create the next Angry Birds. Some apps function as useful services, trying to add gaming elements to prompt users to come back to the app, but with gamification often coming as an afterthought, many services fail to […]