Easy Google and Bing Webmaster Tools Site Verification

To help manage and administer your website both Google and Bing provide a free service to help their search engines understand your website.   You can submit your sitemap, set your preferred canonical domain (www vs. non-www), set your geographic targets,  get notified of crawling errors and a variety of similar tasks a webmaster would […]

What are some free, good, website building tools available for download?

Question by DC: What are some free, good, website building tools available for download? I’m interested in building a hobbyist website (not a blog though) and hoping to create some residual income from affiliate advertising. I know some HTML. Best answer: Answer by Justin HHave you looked at Joomla? A lot of really nice websites […]

Supporting people with disabilities through outreach and accessibility tools

Globally, there are approximately 285 million visually impaired people in the world—and each one of those people has networks of family and friends. Increasing the accessibility of products impacts not only the millions of people with disabilities, but also the lives of the people connected to them. It’s because of the wide impact better accessibility […]

Deck the halls with tools for shopping

I love shopping for gifts for my family and friends, but it’s not always easy. Fortunately, the Google Shopping team has built several new tools to help you (and me!) get an early and stress-free start on holiday shopping. Explore products in 360-degree detail on Google Shopping Having trouble imagining what a toy actually looks […]

Conquer the back to school blues with Google tools

August is both an end to the lush freedom of summer and the beginning of another year of student life. As a rising senior at the University of Florida, this time is both exciting and anxiety-inducing. Even though I’m looking forward to many aspects of the school year, there are certain things about college—from book […]

New tools to help publishers maximize their revenue

What do a celebrity blog, a video interview on a newspaper site and a cable channel’s smartphone app have in common? They’re all supported by advertising…and they’re all examples of how the lines between media formats are blurring. These increasingly blurry lines are not only resulting in highly engaging forms of content for users, but […]