European Commission President Barroso takes your questions on YouTube World View

(Cross-posted on the YouTube Blog) Tomorrow, September 28, European Commission President José Manuel Barroso will deliver his annual State of the Union Address. In these turbulent times, we wanted to give people a chance to make their voices heard and ask their questions about the EU. So we teamed up with broadcaster Euronews and invited […]

YouTube Presents: Taylor Swift takes your questions

With her vocal talent and songwriting skills, Taylor Swift has won four Grammys, six CMT Music Awards, 13 Teen Choice Awards, the Academy of Country Music’s Entertainer of the Year award—and a tremendous following of loyal fans. Now, she’s taking questions from you on YouTube. Starting today and until 12 p.m. PT on August 31, […]

The iCade takes me back to a time when quarters were like gold

I once went to a water park and spent the entire day beating the Top Gun arcade game over and over with a buddy. By the end of the visit, two quarters was all we needed to blast our way through to the end, two skinny kids with dripping neon swim trunks and cheap sunglasses […]

Nokia takes on BBM and Apple’s iMessage with its own free IM platform

On Monday, Apple announced iMessage, which is essentially a full IM client that happens to live inside your standard Messages app. The “BBM killer” caused RIM’s stock to sink to its lowest level since 2007.  Now, Nokia is fighting back and has just announced its own free messaging platform: IM for Nokia, which is an instant messenger program that […]

FaceNiff takes Firesheep mobile, hacks Facebook and Twitter accounts in seconds

In October 2010, a small application called Firesheep had Internet users quivering in fear that their social accounts could be hacked instantly, with a small Firefox extension able to hijack Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr and sessions whist they were connected to unsecured wifi. With Firesheep requiring a desktop computer to steal a users cookies and authenticate them as any user […]