Semiologic Cache 2.11 Now Out

Sem-Cache already delivered great results in website performance when compared to WP  Super Cache and W3 Total Cache.   With version 2.11 of Sem-Cache, performance is improved and a few hidden bugs squashed.  Simply upgrade the plugin.  I would recommend turning caching off then back on to get the cached rebuilt immediately. Full change log […]

Migrating From Semiologic SEO

The Semiologic SEO plugin has been part of the Semiologic Pro package for many years and has served site's SEO needs well.  Over the past years that have been many awesome SEO plugins released with all sorts of new capabilities, especially Yoast's (formerly WordPress) SEO plugin. For those wishing to move on to other plugins […]

Semiologic Google Analytics Plugin 6.0 Supports Universal Analytics

Semiologic Google Analytics 6.0 has been released.   The main focus of this release is the support for Google's Universal Analytics, which left Beta on April 2nd. An option has been added to use the new Universal Analytics tracking code.  This is on by default as Google has recently converted over the analytics accounts to use […]

Original Semiologic Theme Updated!!

Many, many years Denis created the Original Semiologic theme (2005 to be exact).  It existed well before all the "premium" themes and theme shops and clubs.   It's primary competitor was Chris Pearsons' Thesis theme.   In 2009 the Semiologic theme was retired and a greatly improved and more full functional theme, Semiologic Reloaded was […]

Semiologic Themes and Plugins for WordPress 3.9 Available

All the Semiologic plugins and themes have been released for compatibility with WordPress 3.9.   WordPress 3.9 introduced the Widget Customizer functionality and upgraded the editor to TinyMCE 4.0.   These changes required changes for several of the plugins namely Widget Contents, Inline Widgets and Nav Menus. As for WordPress 3.9, version 3.9.1 was released […]

Work Progressing on Semiologic Reloaded Version 2.0

Though not as visible there are always good things happening behind the scenes.  Work on version 2.0 of the Semiologic Reloaded theme is progressing  well. The theme now has: Breadcrumb navigation widget Post navigation widget Drop down menu support based on the Semiologic menu creation approach!! Further encoding and the biggie ….. it is […]

Semiologic Cache 2.6 Released

Version 2.6 of the Semiologic Cache has been released.    The new release new features as well as a few bug fixes: Added ability to manually disable caching for a page. Pages that include the Semiologic Contact Form widget are no longer cached. Caching conflicted with spam prevention techniques and was resulting in occasional false […]

Semiologic Pro for WordPress 3.8 is a go

I have released all the Semiologic WordPress plugins and the Semiologic Reloaded Theme that have been tested with WordPress 3.8.   For those with a valid membership simply upgrade from your WordPress dashboard. To upgrade: As with any upgrading it is always advisable to backup your site and database just as a precaution. I recommend […]