Transparency Report: Government requests on the rise

We think it’s important to shine a light on how government actions could affect our users. When we first launched the Transparency Report in early 2010, there wasn’t much data out there about how governments sometimes hamper the free flow of information on the web. So we took our first step toward greater transparency by […]

A look inside our 2011 diversity report

We work hard to ensure that our commitment to diversity is built into everything we do—from hiring our employees and building our company culture to running our business and developing our products, tools and services. To recap our diversity efforts in 2011, a year in which we partnered with and donated $ 19 million to […]

Australian Android sales eclipse iPhone for the first time: Report

Google’s Android mobile operating system overtook sales of Apple’s iPhone for the first time in Australia, accounting for 42.9 percent of smartphones sold in the country compared to Apple’s 37.2 percent share, according to a new report by Kantar ComTech WorldPanel. New product launches by HTC and Samsung are thought to have boosted sales, with Samsung […]

Edit your website ‘Minority Report style’, directly on the page with SiteCake

Sometimes you just want to edit your website with minimal fuss. Who wants to navigate a complex content management system when you just want to add some images or a video, or just change some text? SiteCake is a brilliant tool for editing websites without touching the back-end at all. You simply type directly onto […]

Updated and more detailed Transparency Report

Our Transparency Report discloses the information that governments have asked for over the past six months. For our latest batch of data, covering July through December 2010, we wanted to improve the way we give you the information, so we’ve updated the look of the report and added more details. We’ve highlighted some significant changes […]