Get the whole family together over the holidays, from anywhere

‘Tis the season for tree trimming, gift giving, recipe sharing and catching up with loved ones over a cup of eggnog. For families that are spread out over cities or even countries, it can be a challenge to get everyone together during the holidays. This year, we’ve teamed up with the creators of Wallace and […]

Forex Over Drive: A Forex Robot That Delivers Results

Forex Over Drive: A Forex Robot That Delivers Results A Reliable Forex Trading Robot That Generates Extraordinary Returns While You Sleep. Easy To Setup, Anyone Can Use It, Requires No Knowledge Of The Forex Industry. Forex Over Drive: A Forex Robot That Delivers Results Honest Riches-make Money Online The Honest Way Most Sought-after Work At […]

Unicode over 60 percent of the web

Computers store every piece of text using a “character encoding,” which gives a number to each character. For example, the byte 61 stands for ‘a’ and 62 stands for ‘b’ in the ASCII encoding, which was launched in 1963. Before the web, computer systems were siloed, and there were hundreds of different encodings. Depending on […]

RIM passes over dominant Indonesian market, chooses Malaysia for new BlackBerry factory

Research In Motion (RIM) has raised eyebrows in Southeast Asia after announcing that it has chosen Malaysia as the site for its regional BlackBerry manufacturing centre. The move has shocked many in Indonesia who, given the significance of the market for RIM, had expected that the firm would tap the Southeast Asian giant – whose […]

Calling from Gmail now in 38 languages, with lower rates to over 150 destinations

We’re always trying to make it easier for people to connect—whether that means sending an email, chatting or video chatting, you can reach the people you care about from right inside Gmail. Last year, we made it possible for those of you in the U.S. to call any mobile phone or landline directly from Gmail […]

HTC seeks negotiations with Apple over dual patent rulings

HTC’s legal wrangle with Apple took a turn today, when the Taiwanese mobile phone maker said it was willing to negotiate with its Californian counterpart in the ensuing patent fight. As we reported two weeks ago, the US International Trade Commission ruled that HTC had violated two of Apple’s patents, relating to data-detection and data-transmission […]

Follow your conversions with over time charts

If you’ve recently looked at your Website Optimizer reports you may have noticed something different. Today we launched another new feature designed to help you better understand the performance of your variations: over time charts. With over time charts you can see the cumulative conversion rate of each combination over the life of an experiment. […]