Introducing the new Google Play Music

Whether reminding you to leave to catch your flight, helping you find pictures of your daughter’s recital, or suggesting the right Smart Reply, Google builds tools that help you make the world of information more accessible and useful. And at Google Play Music, we strive for the same. Building on our commitment to help you […]

JAM with Chrome: Play music live with your friends online

If you ever dreamed of playing in a band, now’s your chance to be a rock star. JAM with Chrome is an interactive web application that enables friends in different locations to play music together in the Chrome browser on their computers. No matter what your level of talent—from daydreaming air guitarist to music pro—you […]

Multiple Income Streams of Music Business part 3 of 3 In “Multiple Income Streams of Music Business Part 3” David Campos goes into the next 3 Streams of income in the music business . – Live Gigs – Digital Sales – Merchandise This information is based on David Campos’ 20 years experience in the music industry. In these three parts David Campos will share […]

How can I make money from my Music Compositions?

by CaptPiper Question by Special E: How can I make money from my Music Compositions? Hi, I am at university and want to earn a bit of money while studying music. I have a strong knowledge of music theory and have been composing for years. How can I make money from my music compositions? Do […] is a visual treat for music video nomads

The arrival of the 2011 SF Music Tech Summit brings lots of good news for digital music fans, including the the launch of a San Francisco startup hoping to bring a new shine to the music video. Similar in appearance to the new couch mode from video community Vimeo, is focused on the […]

Magnifier: Taking a closer look at great music

Three months ago at Google I/O we launched Music Beta, a service that lets you upload your personal music collection to the cloud and listen to it on the web or your Android phone or tablet. Since the beginning, our goal has been to help you fall in love with your music all over again, […]