On IDPD, working toward a more accessible and inclusive world

We believe in a world built for everyone, which is why we launched the global Google Impact Challenge: Disabilities earlier this year. The Impact Challenge is a Google.org initiative to invest $ 20 million in nonprofits who are using technology to make the world more accessible for the 1 billion people living with disabilities. Today, […]

From Altamont Pass to Mountain View: Getting more renewable energy on the grid

Technology can help us do more with less. For example, making use of natural climates has helped us make our data centers 50% more efficient than the industry average, and green building technology has helped us limit energy consumption in our offices around the world. Now, we’re doing more with less to power Google’s North […]

Isn’t it important to help Republicans tilt the distribution of income even more toward financial elites to?

Question by Doc Holliday Socialist: Isn’t it important to help Republicans tilt the distribution of income even more toward financial elites to? ensure a steady stream of maids for their use? It is just so much easier to exploit women when they are poor and the more poor maids, the wider the selection, And even […]

Why is representative money more useful than commodity money?

Question by Wiz: Why is representative money more useful than commodity money? A) Representative money can be used for other things besides currency. For example, gems can be made into jewelry, and cotton can be made into clothing. B) Representative money has value because the government has decreed that it is an acceptable means to […]

More Art Project online for you to explore

Back in April we announced a major expansion of the Google Art Project. Since then 15 million people have explored the paintings, sculptures, street art and photographs contributed by our partners. From today the number of treasures you can view is increasing by more than 10% as 29 new art organisations from 14 countries bring […]

Communicate more easily across languages in Gmail

Finding the right words can be difficult, especially across languages, and once you choose them, finding a way to type them can be even harder. Try emailing family in Germany, chatting with friends in China or adding a Russian business partner’s name to your contacts and you may find yourself limited by the language of […]

More spring cleaning

Technology offers so many opportunities to help improve users’ lives. This means it is really important to focus or we end up doing too much with too little impact. So today we’re winding down a bunch more features—bringing the total to nearly 60 since we started our “spring” clean last fall. AdSense for Feeds was […]

More renewable energy for our data centers

We announced our commitment to carbon neutrality back in 2007, and since then we’ve been finding ways to power our operations with as much renewable energy as possible. In our latest step toward this end, we just signed an agreement with the Grand River Dam Authority (GRDA) to green the energy supply to our Oklahoma […]

More movies and TV shows from Twentieth Century Fox coming to Google Play and YouTube

Google Play and YouTube offer the latest new movie releases and your favorite TV shows to enjoy on your Android phone or tablet and on the web. But you’ve been missing one critical thing…Stewie Griffin. We’re happy to share that Stewie, “Family Guy,” and more than 600 other titles from Twentieth Century Fox will soon […]

Tour Brazil and prehispanic Mexican cities with more Street View imagery in Google Maps

Our ongoing effort to build great maps—ones that are accurate, easy to navigate and cover every corner of the world—continues to progress. Over the last few months, Google Maps has taken people everywhere from the Amazon to Antarctica, and we’re continuing to add imagery of even more places around globe. Beginning this week, you can […]