Mobile Apps Market Is Hot! – $7 Offer With Great Upsells!

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Make your mark on Google with Handwrite for Mobile and Tablet Search

Unlike searching on a desktop or laptop computer, when you’re searching on a touch-screen mobile device it’s often inconvenient to type. So we strive to give you a variety of ways to interact with Google, be it by speaking your queries, getting results before you finish typing, or searching by image. Now there’s a new […]

Google+: a mobile app with sense and soul

Sharing is deeply sensory. From cooking a favorite meal to getting together with friends, it’s the smells and the stories and the smiles that make human connections so essential. With Google+ we want to extend these moments online, so it’s only right to focus on the most personal of personal computers: your mobile phone. To […]

Super Bowl XLVI: Mobile, Manning and Madonna

Now that the final Super Bowl touchdown has been scored, the dip bowl wiped clean and the last of the chicken wings devoured, we’re taking a look at some game-day search trends to see what football fans were searching for this year. As the Giants and Patriots battled it out on the field yesterday, U.S. […]

Mo-mentum: what’s new with mobile search advertising

Mobile search helps people find what they need in a snap. Whether they’re choosing between two restaurants, shopping for a new watch, or buying a movie ticket, people make better decisions when they have access to more information. Search ads are information—answers—and on mobile devices, they’re able to connect people and businesses in new, useful […]

Building an amazing mobile shopping experience with Google Commerce Search

Mobile usage in retail is on the rise—every year we see an increasing number of shopping queries originate from mobile phones. As mobile continues to proliferate, it’s also fundamentally changing the way people shop. Mobile and shopping are made for each other. Knowing this, we’re sharing a secret with you: it’s not too late to […]

HandHeld: The Ultimate Mobile Plugin

Every once in a while a WordPress Plugin comes along that is so great and genius it deserves special mention. Well today, we are pleased to introduce you to the first ever plugin released by none other than Elegant Themes. For quite a while, Elegant Themes has been our favorite choice for premium WordPress Themes […]

Paga aims to bring mobile money services to millions of unbanked Nigerians

With the success of Safaricom’s mobile money service, M-Pesa in Kenya, analysts have looked to other African countries as potential mobile money success stories. A key market with potential is Nigeria. With over 90 million cellular phone subscribers in the country, it is Africa’s largest mobile phone market and is one of the fastest growing […]

Navigating a proposal with Google Maps for mobile

I recently decided to propose to my girlfriend, Faigy. I knew I wanted to do something meaningful and —yes—a little over the top, so I decided to put my software engineering skills to work to create the ultimate romantic scavenger hunt. On the road to “The Big Question,” I wanted Faigy to visit places around New […]

HTC posts record monthly sales, plans to acquire mobile service provider Dashwire

Taiwan-based smartphone vendor HTC announced on Friday that consolidated sales for the month of July totalled T$ 45.11 billion ($ 1.56 billion), an increase of 83.3% year on year, a new monthly sales record for the company. The Android and Windows Phone device maker posted a small increase on its June sales, which stood at T$ 45.05 […]