Love So Divine – Romantic FULL Korean Movie with english subtitles

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Connect with people and places you love this Valentine’s Day

A few months ago, we shared an engagement story about a Google engineer who used Google Maps to help coordinate an elaborate proposal to his girlfriend. It served as a great example of how Google Maps can be more than just a handy tool for directions; it can help connect you to the places and […]

Show your love for charities on Google+ this holiday season

We’ve been thrilled to see the ways nonprofit organizations use Google+ to raise awareness about their work, as well as the ways people connect with causes on Google+. In the past couple days, several entertainers have helped start a movement for this holiday season, drawing attention to their favorite charities on Google+ using the phrase […]

Get more into what you love on YouTube with our new look

From your favorite sports highlights and dance competitions to make-up tutorials, science experiments and great movies, there’s a ton of great stuff on YouTube—over 3 billion views worth per day by last count. More and more, behind every great video is a great Channel, and with our announcement last month that more of them are […]

Love it or hate it, MTV’s Jersey Shore knows social media

Unsurprisingly (but perhaps aggravatingly so), MTV’s Jersey Shore has managed to dominate the TV/social media charts on for the second week in a row. While some obviously have their qualms with the popular series (our editor Brad McCarty, for example, expressed his disbelief that I wasn’t immediately fired for admitting Jersey Shore is my […]

We love Lucy

Lucille Ball may have been born 100 years ago today, but her jokes are timeless. Having grown up with the comedic genius of “I Love Lucy,” it’s hard to believe that Lucy, Desi, Fred, and Ethel wrapped up the initial series in 1957. Lucy’s creativity, absurdity, and ever-changing facial expressions (especially when she was scarfing […]

What Do You Love?

A while back, a few of us wanted to make a little tool that we could use to show just about anybody more of what Google makes. That led to some simple ideas, and then a few more ideas and ultimately, to a challenge: how we could connect people to products they might not know […]