Investing in green energy in Greene County, Iowa

If you drive northwest from Des Moines, Iowa, you’ll see a lot of corn fields. From time to time, you’ll also see wind turbines rising out of those fields, making efficient use of our natural resources to produce renewable energy. It’s places like these that are home to a vibrant, emerging clean energy economy. Today […]

Viridian Energy Recession Proof, Residual Income – Go Green Earn Green with My Viridian Team

Go Green Earn Green Energy Deregulation will only happen one time and it’s happening NOW! Here is an opportunity for you to earn residual income each and every month without selling ANYTHING! That’s right there is NO product to sell, NO locking your customers into a contract – it’s simply month to month, NO hidden […]

Make your own online scrapbook with 2011 green search trends

Last week we unveiled this year’s Zeitgeist, including the fastest rising searches in 2011. Those of us on the Google Green team were pleased that the search trends include several popular searches related to the environment (as you can see from the highlights video). So we created the Green Scrapbook to help you explore these […]

Food for (green) thought

This is the second in a short series of posts and videos spotlighting our efforts to make Google greener. In this post, we give you a glimpse at our sustainable food programs. -Ed. When it comes to eating sustainably, it’s about more than being organic, grass-fed or cage-free. Through our food program, we delight and […]