How-To: Making money with a facebook page store using amazon

Do you need a job? US stimulus jobs. Resource for jobs available in your area Hi, my name is Daniel and I made this video to show you that making money using facebook is much easier than you might think. Facebook allows users to make pages that you can add html to. Amazon affiliates […]

Project collaboration Web app DeskAway helps you get feedback from Facebook and Twitter

DeskAway is an online project collaboration Web app by Indian entrepreneurial siblings Sahil and Sitanshi Parikh. It’s a lightweight application that allows small and large teams to work together on projects, with built-in features like time tracking, delegation, file-sharing and to-do list management. It recently gained a new feature that combines internal project management with […]

This extension lets you crosspost between Twitter, Facebook and Google+…in any order.

Warning: You should know, as useful as this extension is, the slimy developers decided it would be a good idea to auto post a recommendation of the extension to your G+ page the moment you install the extension – without your permission. It will do the same when you connect your twitter/Facebook too. The extension […]

Facebook ousts Microsoft to become UK’s second most popular website

Facebook became the second most popular website in the UK last month, overtaking Microsoft websites for the first time as large numbers of older users took to the social network, a new report from UKOM/Nielsen suggests. Facebook saw 26.8 million Britons visit its website in May, a new record for the social network, increasing 7% […]

This security firm will update your Facebook status whilst you’re away

A security firm in the UK has claimed that some of its clients had announced on Facebook or Twitter that they were going on holiday, and subsequently their homes were broken into whilst away. Now, Chelmsford-based Precreate Solutions has apparently launched a service where it operates ‘virtual updates’ whilst its clients are sunning themselves in […]

Coca Cola adds 10,000 recycle bins to Facebook places in Israel

The Coca Cola brand is always ahead of the curve when it comes to social media and it proved that yet again with its latest campaign video from Isreal where it used Facebook Places to encourage users to recycle their old bottles. 10,000 recycling bins were placed around the country and all given their own […]

New app lets you Facebook at work in an Excel spreadsheet

People using Facebook in work is a huge problem for employers and some go as far as banning it completely for all their employees in a fruitless bid to increase productivity. Well a new app from Diesel is seeking to solve that problem and allow you to access Facebook all day long without anybody being the […]

Great Plugin To Fix Facebook Like Problems

Facebook Like problems are very common. When users like your page it is seen many times that the wrong title, description, or image shows up. To overcome these problems, Pritesh Gupta has recently released a new WordPress Plugin to help address many of these issues (while still giving you the flexibility you need to control […]