Life Changing Self Hypnosis Mp3s By Email.

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Cc:to me turns your email inbox into an Instapaper alternative

At it’s most basic level, the new service cc:to me is an easy and free way to email bookmarks to yourself from anywhere on the web.¬†Because cc:to me gets everything done with the simple use of a bookmarklet, it doesn’t matter what your operating system or browser of choice is – anyone can use the […] rolls out branded email addresses to its users

AOL owned,¬† has just rolled out a new feature that it’s beta testing – email addresses. While addresses were previously only used by team members, they’re extending the service to anyone who has an account. Your username will become your email address, and you can send and receive emails, and see your incoming […]

Users abandoning desktop email clients for mobile, study reports

Many of the tasks we’ve traditionally undertaken have been moving over to mobile over the past few years thanks to devices like the iPhone that have shifted our expectations. Email usage is one of those tasks, with email marketing company Campaign Monitor revealing some interesting patterns from the last two years of data it has […]