A new kind of summer job: open source coding with Google Summer of Code

It’s only Spring Break for most college students, but summer vacation will be here before you know it. Instead of getting stuck babysitting your little sister or mowing your neighbor’s lawn, apply for Google Summer of Code and spend the summer of 2012 earning money writing code for open source projects. Google Summer of Code […]

Google Code Jam 2012 registration is open

Today, we’re opening up registration for Google Code Jam 2012. This year thousands of students, professional programmers and freelance code wizards will pit their ingenuity against a new set of algorithmic challenges concocted by our tireless team of red-eyed, LED-illuminated problem writers. Last year’s champion, Makoto Soejima, was asked to build a house for kittens, […]

Internet Income Code – Make $5,000 A Month With 30 Minutes A Day!

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Generate CSS code with this Photoshop layer styles emulator

We’ve seen a lot of CSS wizards in the last year, particularly those that showcase the new features of CSS3. Here’s one we like even more: LayerStyles. Here’s a generator that’s particularly cool because it emulates the Photoshop layer styles window. If you’re not into design the novelty might escape you, but if you are, […]

WordPress Summer of Code 2011

For the past several years, WordPress has been a proud participant in the Google Summer of Code program (aka GSoC). We’ve been accepted as a mentoring organization again this year, and are looking forward to working with a select handful of talented college students who are interested in developing for WordPress. Student applications are currently […]