Apple to boost iPhone 5 launch with opening of Shanghai and Hong Kong stores within days

Apple will open two new stores in Asia by the end of the week, signalling the company’s push into the Chinese market and determination to ensure the launch of the next-generation iPhone gets off to an encouraging start. The Cupertino-based company has been working hard to open two new stores before the rumoured mid-October launch […]

Apple 101: 13 ways to protect your data on iOS and Mac OS X

In the past decade, Apple has gone from being a bit player in the PC industry to the largest technology company in the world, making products in several categories that are used by millions of people around the globe. Apple’s two major operating systems—iOS and Mac OS X—power all of its most major products across the […]

Apple website gets a revamp, new iPad shopping wizard

With the Apple Store going down over the past few hours , Apple has brought its website back online with a new and improved interfaces on its product pages, specifically adapting the iPad ordering process to make it easier to choose the model that is right for you. Now, when a customer visits the iPad […]

Apple reportedly to offer cheaper 8GB iPhone 4(S) alongside iPhone 5

Reports that Apple is working on a cheaper iPhone have been given a massive boost after it emerged Asian suppliers have already begun manufacturing a lower-priced version of the iPhone 4, a device that will feature a smaller 8GB flash drive. Reuters, citing sources close to suppliers manufacturing the device in Korea, says that the […]

Apple sees bumper final quarter, reportedly orders 20m iPhone 5 units

Apple appears to be positioning itself for a bumper final quarter, reportedly reducing its order volumes for its next-generation iPhone in the third quarter from 7 million units to around 5.5 million units whilst increasing orders by as much as six million units to 20 million as the company prepares for e fruitful holiday season, […]

Apple moves to ban Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 sales in Australia

Apple has stepped up its bid to protect its design patents and innovation on its iPad and iPhone devices after escalating its dispute against Samsung to request a sales ban on sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia. Bloomberg reports that Apple has asked an Australian court to block sales of the tablet […]

Apple is the world’s top smartphone vendor as Nokia sinks to third place

Despite Apple’s impact on the mobile industry over the past four years, it had yet to clinch the number one spot as the top smartphone vendor, that honour resting with Nokia despite its troubles. Now, as research and consulting firm Strategy Analytics notes, that’s all changed. We previously reported Apple’s sales dominance over Nokia for Q2 of this […]

Inside a fake Chinese Apple Store [Video]

The fake Chinese Apple Stores we reported on last week have certainly grabbed the attention of the mainstream media (it is the summer ‘silly season’, after all). MSNBC have even sent a camera crew down to one of the stores (presumably one that wasn’t asked to close) and took a look around. You can see […]

HTC seeks negotiations with Apple over dual patent rulings

HTC’s legal wrangle with Apple took a turn today, when the Taiwanese mobile phone maker said it was willing to negotiate with its Californian counterpart in the ensuing patent fight. As we reported two weeks ago, the US International Trade Commission ruled that HTC had violated two of Apple’s patents, relating to data-detection and data-transmission […]

LG cuts smartphone targets in wake of Apple and Samsung success

Electronics giant LG has been forced to cut its smartphone and handset targets after its Optimus line of Android and Windows Phone handsets failed to mount a serious challenge against Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy S range, Reuters reports. The world’s number three handset vendor will lower its smartphone targets from 30 million units to […]