Question by xtra9009: Can you make money by writing a blog and not updating it?
I know someone is making money with links on their blog. What if I told a story (about a health ordeal) that I didn’t change and had links. Can you make money somehow?

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Answer by Izzy Charm
You can make money with your blog by having affiliate links on your pages. Like
The easiest is signing up for Google AdSense and placing their ads and links on your blog.

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Is there any real writing job on the net?

affiliate money making
by dbking

Question by jenny a: Is there any real writing job on the net?
It seems all the work at home online job posted on the net are just a money making machine for the the poster/owner. After browsing the affiliate sites for a real work at home writing job and search the authenticity of the job, I come to a dead end, these type of jobs are not real.

Anyone can give me real work at home writing job?

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Answer by Aiv Janson
Since you said for yourself that you like writing, so here is what I can suggest you.
1. Set up a WordPress blog. Don’t even have to have an own domain or hosting.
2. Go to Amazon, Clickbank or any other affiliate site and sign up there. That’s free.
3. Choose whatever product you like. In a perfect situation, buy it, to see what’s it really like.
4. Start writing 20 posts in your blog and/or submit your written articles about that product to Ezinearticles pointing to your blog.
5. In your blog you point the buyers to the product page.
6. If and when they buy something, you get commission.

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Over the years, WordPress has introduced more and more features, which, although make the software a more robust blogging platform, have made the writing UI more cluttered.

Nevertheless, I have gotten so accustomed to it, so much so that I have found myself preferring it over many other writing tools and applications simply because it works, autosaves and I need nothing else.

There came a time however when I realized that I was becoming more focused on formatting than the actual content and to be quite frank, the standard WordPress editor isn’t exactly the most user-friendly interface, and it’s not particularly eye-catching either.

Artsy Editor, developed by Stephen Ou, is a premium WordPress plugin that strips away the unnecessary stuff in the editor, giving you a focused writing interface not unlike desktop apps like iA Writer, Byword and Ommwriter. It’s an ultra-minimalist overhaul of the WordPress editor UI, a classic example of “less is more” while at the same time giving quick access to the most commonly used features in an aesthetic manner.

More Than What You See

When I loaded Artsy Editor for the first time, it took a while before I realized that the editor had already loaded. It’s almost blank with the exception of the four visible buttons – a publish/preview button on the top right, a close button in the top left, a settings button in the bottom left, and an upload button in the bottom right. Before you go bonkers thinking that this editor is a joke, wait, there’s much more to it than meets the eye.


First things first; customize the UI according to your needs.

Artsy Editor is intentionally minimalist but also come provides a few choice settings for those who want them. With background color options, font selection, font size and also the ability to open directly into Artsy’s Editor rather than WordPress’ default editor, you should be able to find the interface that works for you.

Intuitive Formatting

The way Artsy Editor’s formatting works is that whenever you select a portion of the text you want to format, a neat little pop-over editor appears with all the basic text formatting options. Clicking elsewhere hides the editor so you’re able to continue focusing on your writing. Of course you still have access to all the standard keyboard shortcuts as well.

Photo Uploading Made Ridiculously Easy

Perhaps the feature I love about it the most is the photo uploader, which takes away the unnecessarily tedious process for photo uploading when using the standard WordPress feature. In contrast, Artsy Editor makes it ridiculously simple to upload photos – simply drag a file from your computer and it automatically gets inserted into the post.

Moving or resizing is just as easy and can all be done within the post. Just like in text selection, there are also options that appear whenever you highlight an image.

The thing about Artsy Editor is that whenever you can’t find a WordPress feature that you need, you can simply shift back to the standard editor by clicking on the close button or simply hitting escape. You’re probably going to need to do so too if you’re using other WordPress plugins that allow for customization within the editor, or when embedding links to songs and videos.

Not For Everyone

Artsy Editor is a premium WordPress plugin with a price tag of $ 19. The price is reasonable considering the unique features and drastic overhaul of the WordPress interface but many will consider it expensive simply because they won’t be accustomed to paying for WordPress plugins.

It’s also important to note WordPress 3.2 is to introduce distraction free writing. Whether it will be quite as feature rich as Arsty Editor is questionable but it is definitely something to consider.

Also if you’re a formatting or HTML-intensive blogger, it might not be the best tool but if you’re the type who writes lengthy stories with minimal HTML requirements, this plugin will definitely be something worth getting your hands on that should radically transport your WordPress writing experience into something both simple and enjoyable.

TNW readers interested in trying out the app can earn a 20% discount using the code TNW20 that you can enter at checkout. If you’re still unsure whether Arsty Editor is for you however, there’s a fully featured demo of the tool available here.

Written with Artsy Editor

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If you’re a minimalism freak you’ve come to the right place. Today marks the release of iA writer for Mac, a writing app or rather “digital writing tool” with so much minimalism, there’s barely anything there.

Let’s run through the features, won’t take long, and I’ll then share my initial impressions.


1. Zero Preferences
Yes, this is apparently a feature. There are no preferences, what you see is what you get. No font size alterations, no font choices, no background color changes, no formatting, nada. In fact, the only option you have is full screen and “focusMode”. More on focus mode now…

2. Focus Mode
This patent pending feature essentially places your body of text in the center of the page and fades away each sentence as you complete it to help you to focus on the sentence you’re completing. Why? According to iA founder Oliver Reichenstein ”it’s a common pattern, that, instead of following the voice and fleshing out the text in one go, people start editing before the text is done.”

3. Auto Markdown
Markdown is a way to format your text to add bold and italic text, images, headings and a few other things, without having to use HTML. iA’s Auto Markdown feature automatically formats the Markdown language, keeping your fingers glued to your keyboard.

4. Approximate Reading Time
The app gives you an approximate reading time based on the amount of text you’ve written, not dissimilar to iA’s own blog which includes approximate reading time at the top of every post. iA has also generously included figures for words and characters written, a must for many writers.

5. Syncing over Dropbox
Technically not a built in feature, but one you should know about. Being an ultra simple text editor means it saves in plain text making it very easy to edit on other applications should you choose to leave. More significantly if you’re an iA for iPad user, you can sync to iA Writer for iPad and continue writing on the tablet.

So what do I make of it?

In all honesty I might have come into this review with a little bias. I’m tired of these ultra minimalist applications that sell themselves based on how few features they have. Yes, there’s value in being highly aware of “feature creep” but occasionally I imagine developers are snickering behind our backs at the fact that they can now sell applications for higher prices but with barely any features. But I digress, I’ll save this discussion for another piece on another day. However, needless to say, when Reichenstein sent over the release of iA for Mac, I took a deep breath and prepared to think positive.

“No font changes, no text-size alterations, no preferences whatsoever?” Sounded almost ridiculous but I kept positive.

I installed it and launched it. I won’t pretend I didn’t miss the initial “let’s have a play” time that I enjoy with most new apps, after all, with iA there really is very little to test out. However once I accepted the app for what it is – a place to do nothing but write – words did seem to roll off the tongue so to speak. Typing felt fun, in large part thanks to the text being perfectly sized, font ideally chosen, background color easy on the eye and a genius of a feature in “focus view”, it’s a beautiful touch and does seem to help ensure a continuous flow of thought and text with few interruptions.

Will I use it? Probably not as much as I’d like to. As I primarily write on The Next Web, I need multiple windows, formatting, ability to insert links, images, auto spell check and much more. For a book or long form author however iA writer is likely to feel like a breath of fresh air, but if you’re a blogger or someone who enjoys “creating” the look and feel of a post or article as you write, iA writer for Mac isn’t going to be your cup of tea.

iA writer is built by the team at Information Architects, a well respected strategic design agency headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. The company focuses primarily on increasing page views for media companies across the globe through a combination of design, business and technology. It’s a smart team lead by Swiss born founder Oliver Reichenstein who launched the company in 2005. The company’s blog is full of must read articles giving, primarily Reichenstein’s, perspective on web typography, user experience, development and digital content.


Download iA for Mac here for $ 17.99. Yes, I think that’s a little expensive too but as with many Mac developers, it’s something they feel they have a right to charge for a well thought out product and millions of sales tell us customers are happy to pay for it. If you’re interested in a couple of alternatives for your mac, it’s worth checking out BywordWriteRoom, Ommwriter, Writer and heck, Textedit :)

Note: It’s also important to note the application only currently supports Latin alphabetical languages and Russian.

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