Question by elana242: How does one start to be an affiliate marketer and does one need a website?
I do not have a website but I need to make money. Promoting other’s products seems like a good idea, however I have no idea how to get started. I have bought several scams and they did not work or I simply did not understand them.

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Answer by G N A
I’ve listed a resource for you to learn about affiliate marketing and it’s one of the best on the internet.

Remember, when you become an affiliate you are actually a commissioned sales person, so you earn more when the people you refer to the merchant sells more. You do not sell the product or service – you find people interested in them and refer them to the merchant. The merchant’s job is to sell their own product or service.

Click the link below and see if this will help you.

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Question by Eric: What kind of permission do I need to make a sports website for professional teams?
A friend and I want to make a blog-type website about professional and college level sports in our area. Would we be able to use logos? Or pictures of players?

Thanks so much!

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Answer by BORN2B1
you and your friend would have to contact the team your doing it about and talk with them because you dont wanna get sued over something silly. Most sports teams have their names and logos copyrighted and will sue you. It also depends if you are gonna be making money off of this website or not because then you’re talking royalties and that can get expensive. So i reccomend not doing until you find out more about it not worth getting sued over!

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Question by prroudfoot: When will the Yahoo Publisher Network and MSN AdCenter be available to UK based website owners?
It seems like we’ve been waiting for years! I’ve heard some horror stories about people having their Google Adsense accounts disabled with no explanation, so I’m keen to spread my income streams

Additionally, can anyone recommend some high quality banner ad networks?

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Answer by imisidro
Nobody knows. YPN has been in beta for years. MSN Ad Center is not even publicly available but only to a selected beta testers

I’ve been with the Google Adsense program since June 2003 — and if you just follow the terms and conditions and the program policies carefully, you will have no problems. Google wants to earn as much as you do.

I have seen so very few websites that have been kicked out of Adsense without any valid reason. There’s a site whose focus is hacking, which is against the rules, yet complained loudly that he’s been kicked out unfairly. There’s a site where only the homepage has content, and the inside pages has absolutely nothing except for 3 blocks of Adsense ads — which again is against the rules. And there are many web site owners who click on their own ads or ask their friends and family to click on their ads — only to cry foul when caught cheating.

Unless I see the site in question has value in terms of quality content, often Google is justified in kicking them out of the program

As for banner ad networks, I suggest you stick with the more reputable ones unless you want all those flashing banners or banners that leave malicious code on your visitors computers:

Burst Media
Fastclick (ValueClick).
Tribal Fusion

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Question by : Is a website that lets people list their unwanted gift cards for sale a good idea?
I want to know if this idea could make me a lot of money. To make money on the site, I would charge the seller a small fee once the card was sold on the site. I would also put advertisements up on the site and a subscriber newsletter that could promote affiliate products. If you don’t think this online marketplace for gift cards idea is any good, please tell me how to make A LOT of money online and some of the best online business ideas to try out that could be profitable.

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Answer by joe.attaboy
Actually, it’s not really a bad idea. You could also add an exchange option, in case two people wanted to swap cards.

As for online business ideas to make A LOT of money, you just thought of one. There’s no pile of ideas just sitting there waiting. Most inline web businesses are come-ons and scams.

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Question by Quinn: How to make your first ebay affiliate website?
I want to make an ebay affiliate website to possibly make some money and gain experience in building websites. I want to market gold and silver on ebay since their value is expected to increase in the next few years. Btw im 14 years old in california.

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Answer by Jake
I understand not everyone can qualify to be an eBay affiliate, it got tougher since they took over managing their own affiliate program. I have heard the biggest money is in recruiting new ebay members.

There are different ways to make money from that commodity, affiliate links to buy your gold web sites might be more profitable.

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Question by DC: What are some free, good, website building tools available for download?
I’m interested in building a hobbyist website (not a blog though) and hoping to create some residual income from affiliate advertising. I know some HTML.

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Answer by Justin H
Have you looked at Joomla? A lot of really nice websites are built using it:

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Question by rashmi p: How is the greenfieldonline paid survey website?
For this website I’m giving the surveys everday,but no benefits at all.Can anyone able to tell me genuinely that they really got the check for giving surveys for these types of websites.Acccording to me all these money making surveys are fraud.Can anyone able to explain me in detail.

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Answer by Smith P
I had same query..but I found an interesting way to solve it, I searched it on Google.

MagicSurveyTool provides unique and the most comprehensive type of Online Survey software, Survey Tools, E-mail Survey many other survey software ever recommended by the market surveyors .

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Question by BARBIE B: How do you find people to market your website?
There is so much talk of affiliate marketing. I have websites that I would love advertised but I was never good at marketing. I know affiliates make decent money but they are advertising. Where can I find people to advertise my websites and they get paid a specific percentage of the profits for their work? Sort of like affiliate marketing but more or less because I can’t market. I have no problem sharing in the profits, since there won’t be profits without a motivated person on the advertising end of it. Please help.

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Answer by onelife
Go to, which is a marketing site that covers the United Kingdom, USA, Germany and shortly France, Spain and Portugal. Maybe they can help you promote your site?

Unlike most sites, their services are free as long as you carry a return banner to them on your site.

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