Question by whoanelly: What are some realistic ways that a person can do better financially?
When my daughter turns 18 soon, child support payments will cease. This will in turn leave me with only one income. My net income (from work, minus child support) will be 771 dollars less than my money going out. The only bills that can be eliminated are phone/internet, cell phone, and student loan. The latter will be paid off shortly. Eliminating those three will still have me in the red. I live in a rural area, so public transportation is unheard of. I make “too much” money to qualify for any welfare assistance, subsidized housing, etc. I am classified as working class, lower middle class. I have two teenagers. The oldest will be graduating. I work 3rd shift. I can go to 2nds and make the same but not see my kids. My boyfriend gives me 40 a week toward food. He will not move in, though. I have a relative in California who will take us in, but that doesn’t solve my long term problem. And the cost of living is high. I have only an AA degree. Any suggestions

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Answer by north
For starters, invest only in yourself. That means buying and keeping non-perishables on hand – in bulk. Buy large. Stay stocked.

You will always need to go to the bathroom. Keep toilet tissue, kleenex and sanitary items on hand – always.

You will always need to wash yourself and your hair. Buy bar soap in bulk – on sale. Don’t be afraid to stock up when you have the opportunity. You don’t need shampoo for your hair – bar soap works just fine. And you don’t need dish detergent for your sink nor your dishwasher. Wash by hand, save water and use a scrubbing spnge after rubbing it on a bar of soap. Economize.

If you always use paper towels, stock up on them. Vitamins, stock up on them. Buy the generics that say on the label to “compare to_____.”

Keep freeze dried foods on hand – these are better than dehydrated because the nutritional values stay in.

How does this help? These are things you won’t need any more because you have them on hand. That will curb your spending needs in the future. Never let your stocks run short to the point of having less than a case on hand.

You will always need deoderant – buy the generic and save big on multiple purchases. In many states, Suave or the store brand is just as good as the more popular brand names.

keep a good supply of sugar, honey, low cal sweeteners on hand as well as flour, baking soda and baking powder. You know you need these items – stock up on them while you can.

When you are hit with leaner times, the more you stock up on now the less you will have to buy when your really can’t afford to get all the things you usually shop for.

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Question by kennithyng: Know of any proven ways to make moderate income online?
Enterprising person who wants to make moderate stream of income online. Filtering out scams on the internet can be aggrivating, time consuming and costly. Maybe someone here can share with me how they make money online. Note, that I am not looking to get rich and I have realistic expectations. Im looking for something I can work hard at to generate and maintain a steady stream of income. ex $ 500 – $ 1000 per month.

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Answer by Unstoppable Dreams
Yes I do and you are right it does take a lot of hard work to maintain a steady income. It also takes tome to build it up to $ 500 – $ 1000 if you are starting out fresh. It is great that your expectations are realistic. So what type of business are you looking for. Create it! Don’t fall into someone else’s false promises. What do you have to offer online? A product? A service? Yes. Great! No. Then you could build an income by creating a website around your interests/passions/hobbies and collect money from advertisements on your site. The key to making a moderate income this way is to build a site that will get a lot of traffic. I hope this has sparked some ideas. If you seek further advice, feel free to send me a message.


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Question by Eddie: What are the ways you make money from your blog?
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What are some good ways to budget money?

Question by nikkilee911: What are some good ways to budget money?
Or save money? or spend less money? any tips, or good ideas would be awesome. It seems my family is living above thier means and I’d like to fix that without sacrificing everything. any ideas?

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Answer by makeloans2
If you do not have a savings account, open one. Each pay day, make yourself put a set amount in the account. It can be a small amount, but it gets you into the habit of saving. (You can always withdraw the money if you have an emergency). Many people save alot of money by shopping when stores have items on sale and using grocery store coupons. Don’t buy anything on credit.

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