Question by noetic: What does the royal family do, and how to they get paid?
If the British royal family has very little to no political power, what do they do all day? I mean, it seems they pretty much get paid for really doing nothing but being the faces of the UK. How do they get income? And how much do they make? Do people have to pay taxes out of their paychecks which goes to royal family?

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Answer by dgal96
They play cricket and ride horses and talk about how rich they are and I know this for a fact that they get paid by the government! hop I helped

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Question by HomeSweetSiliconValley: Why do they do studies on how much housewives “should” be paid?
I recalling seeing one that said housewives should earn like over $ 100,000 per year. I certainly agree that they work extremely hard and if they were a non-family member certainly would be worth every penny. But I just don’t understand the purpose of studies like that. In the event of a divorce the wives generally get half and once the husband kicks the bucket they get everything and they share the present income stream and roof. Anyhow – what’s the point of these kinds of studies?

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Answer by kondar
to justify the split in earnings/assets and also to make the husband shutup and stop complaining that he does everything and she is just a burden

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Question by : A major advantage of automatic stabiliziers in fiscal policy is that they?
A) Reduce the public debt
B) Stabilize the unemployment rate
C) Go into effect without passage of new legislation
D) Automatically reduce the inflation rate

Explain answer pleasee

1.) The intersection of the aggregate supply curve and the aggregate demand curve occurs at the economy’s equilibrium level of

A) real investment and the interest rate
B) real disposable income and unemployment
C) real national output and the price level
D) imports and exports

Explain answer pleasee

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Answer by tutormetutor_at_gmial_dot_com
C) Go into effect without passage of new legislation

Fiscal policy has very severe time lags, because it requires passing through congress. As a result its possible that by the time it passes, it may not be the right thing for the economy at that time and may actually do damage.

C) real national output and the price level
The graph of SRAS and AD has price level on the vertical axis and output on the horizontal axis.
Both AS and AD have to do with the relationship between pricelevel and output produced or demanded.

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Question by : Why don’t people who make money blogging tell you how much they really make?
I am looking at websites that explain how to make money with ppc or affiliate websites but they do not tell you how much they make. Why is that? They say thousands or millions but no website gives exact numbers like, we had 100 visitors and made 3 dollars this month.

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Answer by capwest5a
Basically, it’s all BS. The only way you could make a good income off a blog website is to like have Yahoo or MSN pick it up. And really, those bloggers are not contributing knowledge for the most part – just their opinions.

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Question by Dude: Is anyone really making money with affiliate and internet marketing or are they just selling how2 make $ ebook

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Answer by skyjoe76

You are right that many who make money from selling “how to make money ebook” via the internet. But if you look at it, selling these ebooks via internet is also a form of internet marketing. It is internet marketing; they are making money selling something online.

However there are some who really made money from internet marketing selling something else. Like providing a hosting services,
or hosting plus business support

You can make some money from joining forums too.

There are many more ways to make money online. Choose carefully, do lots of research because while many people make money over the internet, many lost their money as well.

Just be careful.

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Question by caitfresh: How do people make money selling drugs, if they just keep buying more to replace the drugs they lost?
Okay, so first you have to buy the weed. Do they buy it in a larger amount, like an ounce, and then make money because they sell less for more money. It makes no sense. My boyfriend will spend all his money to reup on weed, sell it, then buy more with the money he makes, how is he making a profit? Somebody please explain, im starting to think people are selling for popularity now, rather then to get money.

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Answer by ▐▀▀▼▀▀▌ ♥єуєℓιηєя♥
I have no idea.
Drugs = bad.

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Question by : How come the US makes you file taxs, Why don’t they do it automatic like in europe?
Like in Europe they just take the tax due out of your check, No need to file any sorts of income tax or anything. Why don’t they do that in the US? Make’s it easier on there people’s.

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Answer by tinman97prn
The US tax code has been so bastardized to make it “better” that at present there is no simple % that would work…But there is also so much $ tied up in the tax prep system.

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automatic income
by SS&SS

Question by Zorro (WAR on Dog Section): Does anyone know why they dont adjust child support for inflation, or set adjustments based off gross income?
I find it interesting that every time there is a change that the custodial parent has to go back to court, and most don’t. I see that over time, the child support payments become way out of wack with the income, either one way or the other. I am curious as to why a automatic incremental/decremental system is not automatically built in, anyone know?
Des, thank you that is what I was looking for.

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Answer by desmeran (emeritus)
some places apparently do, though it’s not the norm:

gory details, if you want them:

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With the 2011 Thai General Election fast approaching, the nation is gearing up to embrace what could herald a new chapter for the country, and revitalize its democracy after more than 5 years of political crisis.

But news has emerged that Thais could face a stint in jail and a hefty fine if they’re caught commenting on any of the candidates or the parties on Twitter – or any other digital channel – in the build up to the election.

Polling stations are open from 8am until 3pm (local time) on Sunday 3rd July, but the blanket ban is in place from 6pm on Saturday until midnight on Sunday, with 100 police officers in place to check that the ban is adhered to. Anyone caught breaking the ban face up to six months in prison and a 10,000 baht ($ 330) fine.

Suthiphon Thaveechaiyagarn, Secretary-General of the Election Commission, said:

“Any candidates and their supporters will face jail time if they are caught campaigning on social media websites on the evening before the July 3 election.”

But the ban extends beyond Twitter and social networks into the wider digital media sphere too, with texts and forwarding emails also apparently prohibited.

Police spokesman, Prawut Thavornsiri, said:

“There will be a unit of more than 100 officers to monitor this. If we can track the origin of (an online message) right away, we will block the site and make an arrest. But if the sites are registered overseas and we can’t check the origin, we’ll first block it and ask the IP (Internet Protocol) providers for further investigation.”

Some have suggested that the ban could potentially be used to disqualify winning candidates if it’s found that someone has been aided by online campaigning during the blackout period.

Twitter in particular has proven to be a popular tool for social and political campaigning, as it allows users to share and access news and information in real-time as events happen. And it also affords users anonymity letting them express opinions and divulge sensitive information without the fear of  being reprimanded.

It will be difficult to see exactly how the law could be effectively enforced in a country with almost 70m people, almost 20m of which are online with 8m using Facebook alone.

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