Pinnacle Theme 2.3.1 Maintenance Release

This is a quick maintenance release for the Pinnacle theme prior to WordPress 4.3 and the Pinnacle 2.4 release.

Changes in this release include:

  • Dropdown menu of the rightmost top menu item now flows leftward and not off the device
  • Fix issue with 3rd party widgets that use CSS id as part of their css rules when widget is used in non-sidebar panels
  • Fix issue in header area divs where first widget may not be enclosed properly in header_top_wrapper
  • Removed extra padding in top level menu of boxed blue skin causing menu to expand too much vertical when justified
  • FontAwesome 4.3
  • Normalize.css 3.0.3



Pinnacle Featured Panel Child Theme

We have made available a child theme for the Pinnacle theme that provides 4 Featured Panels for a sites home page.   You will find these new panels in the Appearance->Widgets page.    In accordance with the Semiologic themes paradigm around site layout via widgets, simply drag and drop widgets into these panels.  These Featured Panels are only available on the site's home page.   The default layout set in Semiologic->Layout will appear on the site's inner pages.

You can find this child theme over on the Pinnacle Featured Panel Child theme page.   Upload to your site and activate it.


Pinnacle Theme 2.3 Released

Version 2.3 of the Semiologic Pinnacle theme has been released.    The release fixes Page Specific Headers that got broken along the way with Pinnacle.   There are a few css tweaks for mobile usage, especially around page numbering being too close together and getting flagged by Google as not mobile ready.

Full change log includes:

  •  Add default proportional sizing to entry_content images for handheld and tablets.
  • Add class to page number navigation and style for mobile compliance
  • Created template-starter file
  • Ensure active_layout if set in the header and footer php files, when used with a template
  • Break index.php into standard get_header, get_footer, get_sidebar calls to support templating better
  • Added visibility classes for desktop, tablet, mobile and extra-wide (> 1200px) devices
  • Fix broken page specific headers functionality
  • Removed bullet.gif list-item image and use standard disc as default
  • Add support for wide themes (> 1200px). Alter media breakpoints for mobile landscape
  • Missed the responsive css rules for the new column classes.



Original Semiologic Theme Updated!!

Many, many years Denis created the Original Semiologic theme (2005 to be exact).  It existed well before all the "premium" themes and theme shops and clubs.   It's primary competitor was Chris Pearsons' Thesis theme.   In 2009 the Semiologic theme was retired and a greatly improved and more full functional theme, Semiologic Reloaded was released.   In 2010 any maintenance on the original theme had ceased.   Until now…

Denis' original theme was used by quite a few sites and some of these are still running outdated versions, which means they are running old versions of WordPress too.   At the request of a few people I've gone ahead and updated the theme to be compatible with WordPress 3.9 as well as back port some of the bug fixes that went into Semiologic Reloaded.  A few select enhancements were added too.  With that the Legacy Semiologic Theme version 6.1 has been released.

Version 6.1 Change Log:

  • Added post thumbnails support
  • Fix: Sidebar widget lists with long post/page titles don't overflow widget boundaries
  • Roll in bug fixes from sem-reloaded theme
  • Added missing required WP css class rules
  • Use size_format in place of deprecated wp_convert_bytes_to_hr
  • Fixed incorrect url being generated for hierarchies with children of children in Pages, Nav-Menus and Silo widgets. url was being generated as parent/grandparent/child
  • Alter css encoding for header image shadow for W3C compliance
  • Fix unknown index warnings
  • WP 3.9 compat

6.1 download

…back to Semiologic Reloaded 2.0 development….



Semiologic Reloaded Theme Version 1.2

Now out is version 1.2 of the Semiologic Reloaded WordPress theme.    This version has been tested against WordPress 3.6 and PHP 5.4.

Version 1.2 includes:

    • Initial implementation of editor style to match the selected skin and fonts when editting a page and post
    • Compressed presentation of skin and layout pages display
    • Added missing required WP css class rules
    • New fonts added in version 1.0 and 1.1 are now available as choices in the custom css editor.
    • Added new .main_content and .sidebar_content css class for additional skinning options
    • Use size_format in place of deprecated wp_convert_bytes_to_hr function
    • WP 3.6 compatibility
    • PHP 5.4 compatibility

Additionally you will now see your Post and Page revisions in the editor in you are a Pro member.   Previously this had been disabled by the Semiologic Fixes plugin due to performance issues in the revision implementation.   With WordPress 3.6 Post Revisions received a complete overhaul.   If you wish to turn these back off, you'll need to set an entry in your wp-config.php file.  See the instructions in the WordPress Codex.


I am planning for the next release of Semiologic Reloaded to coincide with the fall WordPress 3.7 release.   This will be a major release and be updated to be a fully responsive theme.  I also plan on improving child pages support for menus and in widget contexts.    If there is some feature or enhancement you are dying for, please make your voice heard.   I can't promise it will make the release but I will consider all requests.


I have finally released version 1.0 of the Semiologic Reloaded Theme.   Though this theme has now been in production and used on thousands of websites, it never reached a "1.0" version number.   The last official release was 0.9.7.   Well that has finally changed!

Besides being made compatible with WordPress 3.5, the Semiologic Reloaded Theme  includes a slew of new improvements

  • Adds support for new WP 3.4+ theme classes
  • Microformats support
  • Author byline under post/page title, configurable via the Entry:Header widget
  • Author name in posts and pages now links to author page
  • Author page now supports displaying the Author Image and provides additional css skinning options
  • Post feature image can now be disabled for post entries via the Entry:Content widget.
  • PHP code now natively supported in text widgets.
  • Text widgets now allow shortcodes including video embeds
  • Convert to HTML5 tags
  • Added Helvetica and Lucinda font stacks to available default fonts
  • Added post/page-post_name css class for more specific post/page skinning
  • Theme upgrades now preserve custom skins and added template files
  • W3C HTML and CSS Validation improvements
  • Replaced deprecated WP functions
  • Fix .entry link overflow wrapping
  • Fix php lint warnings and errors
  • Fix unknown index warnings

For Semiologic Pro members with activate memberships, you should receive notification in your WordPress Dashboard.   Those people with expired memberships or simply using the theme stand alone, you can download the theme directly from the  Semiologic Reloaded Theme page.



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WP 3.0 related theme and plugin updates

Yep, it's that time of the year already: WP 3.0 is nearing release time, and many of you are looking forward to trying the new bells and whistles.

I've published a batch of theme and plugin updates, for those of you who run test sites that are powered by bleeding edge packages. (This is configurable under Settings / Semiologic API Key when Version Checker is enabled.) There probably will be a round two in a week or so.

The most visible changes in WP 3.0 are a menu editor and the multisite functionality. A lot of dust needs to settle on both of these fronts. Don't get overexcited about the second one: maintaining multiple domains using a unique WP installation is for the technically oriented minds only.

WP 3.0 also introduces less visible but nonetheless massive changes in the post publishing and administration flows. These introduce the potential for custom post types. They additionally work around a series of long standing defects. Sadly, both came at the cost of introducing new potential quirks in plugins — and several of my own plugins did, in fact, break because of them.

Considering the extent of these changes, I'll be avoiding WP 3.0 until this winter. The next Version Checker update will let you do the same at your option: if your site is up to date and running WP 2.9.2, you won't see WP upgrade nags until WP 3.1.1. (You can of course upgrade WP under Tools / Upgrade if you still want to.)

Happy blogging!


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