Question by Jacket 12_KST: Why are the classic cartoon network shows not on Netflix instant stream?
Specifically Dexter’s Lab, Cow & Chicken, Johnny Bravo, and the Powerpuff Girls (and even current adult swim shows). Will they ever be on the stream?

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Answer by Alicia
Short answer – Licencing.

Long answer – The problem with an instant streaming service such as Netflix is that for every show that they put on their servers, they must pay a license for them so the producers of the shows can get the revenue that they created the shows for. It’s much the same for any television station or network that wants to re-run a show.

And that’s where shows are chosen or not for streaming/syndication. Whether or not the show’s producers can come up with a licencing scheme that the streaming content providers can live with. That they feel that the show itself will help generate the income to both pay for the licencing as well as make a profit for them.

There may be a time when Netflix and Cartoon Network can get it all together, but when that will be, who knows?

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Question by Fred Freeze: Is the main stream media getting ready to criticize what the RNC does about the hurricane?
If they go ahead with it, they will complain they don’t value human life. If they don’t, they will call them chicken.
btw……why doesn’t the main stream media cover: The economy, The war or the fact that 60% of liberals don’t pay their fare share of taxes because they are on some type of gov’t assistance?

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Answer by truth seeker
No. That only makes you sound paranoid and ignorant.

BTY , one hundred percent of the Liberals that I know paid a higher percentage in taxes than Romney did.

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Question by “T” is For Troll™: Which creates a faster income stream Sceintology or Landmaerk Forums?
Is the income structure about the same for the two organizations?

How to the upfront costs compare between classes and seminars at Landmark and auditing costs at scientology?

I don’t have alot of money to invest but I have allot of friends I can sign up underneath me, is it easier to recruit under Landmark or Scientology?


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Answer by dawn®
oh look its a rainbow of trolls how cute …

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Question by Cindycandygirl: Will a man always have a steady and increasing stream of income all his life?
say from the age of 18. What is the percentile of a man having a steady, regular and increasing level of income until the age of retirement? Lets say the age of retirement is 65 years old. Lets say the increases over the life span will be greater are at least that of inflation’s average of 5% per year.

Best answer:

A man that has a good work ethic will always have an income stream…. Even if layed off from a job most guys will work under the table to make cash to pay bills…… Any man that’s healthy or even not so healthy can do this…..

Only the lazy, unmotivated, criminal or men with low IQ’s wont work…. There are always those that think something is owed to them……

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Question by : Find the present value of the income stream?
Find the present value of the income stream R(t) = 25,000e^0.05t over the interval 0 ≤ t ≤ 5 at 10% continuous compounding. (Round answers to nearest thousand.)

a. $ 32,000
b. $ 183,000
c. $ 128,000
d. $ 110,000

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Answer by intc_escapee
PV = ∫ 25000 e^(0.05t) e^(-0.1t) dt [0,5]
= -500000 (e^(-1/4) – 1)
≈ 110600

Answer: d. $ 110,000

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