Question by Nat: Borrowing money? If I let someone borrow money what is the best way to ensure that I get my money back?
I have let people borrow money in the past, usually $ 10 or $ 20, but now a close friend wants to borrow rather a huge amount of money about $ 5000. If I let them borrow it what paperwork do I need to have to ensure that I will get my money back? Or is it a risk I will have to take?

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Answer by newjerseyguy
You can have them sign a promissary note, but it is still a risk. Lending to family and friends is not a good idea unless it is truly a life or death emergency.

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Question by ad victorium ad christum: How the hell do people make money blogging? Could someone give me step by step directions?

I didn’t ask for information that I’d have to pay to get. If that guy selling the ebook was so rich with blogging he’d give the ebook away for free.

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Answer by sk8erdude192

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Question by Welcome to the end: Are there any ways for someone under 18 to make money blogging?
I was interested in starting my own blog, and heard about google adsense. I know I can’t use it because I am currently only 14. I don’t want to try to lie my way in by saying over 18. I’m just curious if there is something like that around for the underage crowd.

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Answer by Kenz H
Probably Not ):

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Question by : Can someone please tell me the secret to making money online as an affiliate marketer with clickbank?
I have bought every guru scam and nothing works, but it can be done. Whats the secret? I am not an idiot I am desperate and cant land a job. Please share some insight. Thank you.

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Answer by Willie Lawrence
The key is being persistent and using every known traffic source like craigslist, youtube, stumbleupon, pinterest.

I’ve made money by creating a blog, writing articles for the blog and then submitting those articles to directories like ezinearticles and articlesbase.

The key is generating tons of targeted traffic. I could go on and on here.

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Can SomeOne step me through a money making blog?

Question by rezruf: Can SomeOne step me through a money making blog?
I heard that it is possible to make money with blogs (hosting ads and such). I’m going into Americorps NCCC next year and want to Blog my experiance. I’m hoping to get money donations on the side from it for my college savings.

Also any other good college schalorships and cash that I can get while in Americorps? So far I’ve been able to join FreeWebs Schalorship stuff but that is about it.

Yes Americorps is a volunteer program and such but I need to have the money to fall back on once I am no longer in the service. Especially since I plan to go to a college, tech school, etc. of trying to work towards work goals and living goals.

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Answer by Bella
Have you heard of My Power Mall? It is Completely FREE! You Receive your own Online Shopping Mall! 1000+ stores and millions of products! Earn Shopping Rebates on every purchase you and your team make! Join our Shopping Rebate System and earn rebates on the purchases of shoppers on 9 Shopping Tiers. SAVE Money by having your own personal “Hot Alert Team” to inform you about great deals in your Shopping Mall.

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Question by Audrey H: could someone explain to me exactly how I would make money blogging?
I am a little confused on exactly how I would make money by blogging, I mean who pay me and how, once I blog who come to my page and how do I get them there. I really appreciate if some one could break it down for me.


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Answer by Sweetjono
Making money blogging takes a lot of work and time.
Basically you write articles about whatever you like on a daily basis then place some ads on your blog.

If you site is really popular people will come to visit it and if they click on the ads you will get $ $ $ .

But this take a lot of articles to get your site properly listed in the search engine and you will need A LOT of visitors to make a few buck.

There are easier ways to make money.

I use a FREE roulette robot from ( some website charge you $ 99 bucks for that)

Then I open an account with an online casino, only the ones that give away real mone when you register. Then I use the free cash they give me to play roulette.

I use only the Casino money, I never ever use my own money.

I make around $ 80 daily.

Play a little bit everyday, make small profit everyday and be happy.

That s the way to do it man.

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