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Question by Mary: What is the best list of software required for affiliate marketing?
I want to start to make money online as an affiliate, but have found a lot of software to be expensive, does any one know of free or cheap software I will need on my computer?

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Answer by Robert
There are loads of free tools available it just depends what affiliate marketing field you want to go into! Visit

Its a forum full of people discussing affiliate marketing! I use it all the time and they have reviews of tools etc on the website!

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Affiliate Software – Making money online?

Question by John: Affiliate Software – Making money online?
I’m a noobie to web design and I want to make money online. I’ve seen a web site ( selling online affiliate software to retrieve affiliate data feeds (online advertising).

Is this the only one? And is this the path I should take?
The word hugger doesn’t look as good as software…

Looks like isn’t a data feed…?
After looking at the suggestions I feel Internet Saver is better option for me…

I signed up @

I’ll come back with feedback!

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Answer by Collin L
google clickbank

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Software downloads in Syria

Free expression is a fundamental human right and a core value of our company—but sometimes there are limits to where we can make our products and services available. U.S. export controls and sanctions programs, for example, prohibit us from offering certain software downloads in some countries.

The fine details of these restrictions evolve over time, and we’re always exploring how we can better offer tools for people to access and share information. For example, last year we were able to make some of our products available for download in Iran. And today we’re pleased to make Google Earth, Picasa and Chrome available for download in Syria.

As a U.S. company, we remain committed to full compliance with U.S. export controls and sanctions. We remain equally committed to continue exploring how we can help more people around the globe use technology to communicate, find and create information.

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