Question by SF2AZ: How do you get paid when selling home insurance?
I am considering getting in the insurance field but would like to know a little more before going through licensing. I am trying to establish long term residual income and was told by selling home insurance @ 30years a pop given my clients stay with me I could achieve this. I am bilingual and can generate leads and understand some agents can even work from home part time. Can someone please explain a common pay scale on say a $ 100,000 home policy that goes for the full 30 year term. Thanks

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Answer by PGM
I think the pay scales vary widely. You would really need to talk to insurance companies to find out how they pay.

An easy way to get into the business would be to talk to an agent, who might take you on as a junior partner.

Good luck. I work for people who sell insurance, even though I’m not in that end of the business myself (I’m on staff), and I see the struggles of the new people. It’s slow at first.

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Question by : How do you make money online without selling a product?
I’m trying to make money online, but don’t have a product to sell.

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Answer by Wanna know
there are products, and then there are services. Also there are scams, the most common type.

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Question by Dude: Is anyone really making money with affiliate and internet marketing or are they just selling how2 make $ ebook

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Answer by skyjoe76

You are right that many who make money from selling “how to make money ebook” via the internet. But if you look at it, selling these ebooks via internet is also a form of internet marketing. It is internet marketing; they are making money selling something online.

However there are some who really made money from internet marketing selling something else. Like providing a hosting services,
or hosting plus business support

You can make some money from joining forums too.

There are many more ways to make money online. Choose carefully, do lots of research because while many people make money over the internet, many lost their money as well.

Just be careful.

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Question by caitfresh: How do people make money selling drugs, if they just keep buying more to replace the drugs they lost?
Okay, so first you have to buy the weed. Do they buy it in a larger amount, like an ounce, and then make money because they sell less for more money. It makes no sense. My boyfriend will spend all his money to reup on weed, sell it, then buy more with the money he makes, how is he making a profit? Somebody please explain, im starting to think people are selling for popularity now, rather then to get money.

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Answer by ▐▀▀▼▀▀▌ ♥єуєℓιηєя♥
I have no idea.
Drugs = bad.

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Question by debora: owning a teen blog or selling money making information products?
i,m looking to start up a website but its only 1 free domain that comes with it,i have no money for extra domain,which out of owning a teen blog or selling money making information products is guaranteed of making me money online.

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Answer by Kaw850
me again, don’t discount building a blog such as WordPress. Search engines love them.

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