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Question by unstr810d: What would make you click on a Make Money Online review video on YouTube?
Assuming you were looking for ways to make money online, of course.
So what would make you want to click?
Is it the title? The description? The picture?

What if the thumbnail had a picture of someone dressed like a pirate or something really stupid like that? Would that make you click?

If not, then what would?

Thanks for you feedback.

Best answer:

Answer by hikarihime9029
I wouldn’t click on those to begin with because I know that it is usually a scam or there is some type of hidden catch.

But I click on one once and all the title said was something like “Make money online” or something like that. I was interested to see what it was talking about so I clicked.

I don’t recall a picture or any fancy description, but the title got my curiosity and that was all it took.

Add your own answer in the comments!

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