Question by JP: What if you could work from home for a real business and have fun doing it? Would You?
This is for all those who want to work from home making a residual income. What would your dream job be? (From home)

I am currently doing mine through my home business. Im not going to say what it is but if you want more info email me. I will let you know what it is and give you some info on it.
since people are so interested it is Monavie

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Answer by I am because He is!
why not let us know what it is?

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How can one turn a million dollars into REAL income?

Question by broadybruce: How can one turn a million dollars into REAL income?
Whats the best strategy for a lump 1,000,000 tax free sum and turn that into wealth and residual income? Real estate? Investing? Market? Banks? Business? Foreign curency? Ive read so many reports Id love to get someones insight thanks!

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Answer by Brewster Rocket, Space Guy
Buy a brothel.

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Question by Lynn: B & A writers: Drafting-schmafting! Let’s be real, how many drafts do you do?
I’ve read plenty of articles by people who swear no one should do more than three drafts of a novel. They even get cocky and tell how to do that, but the truth is I’m not that smart and I can’t hold that many ideas in my head at once. I can look to kill off as many adverbs as possible. I can look to kill off my over abundance of directional words. (My poor character sit up, sit down, stand up, over, under, off, on and upside down occasionally, so I need to get rid of all those directions. lol) I can even look to get rid of “look” and all the other sensory words that distance the reader from my character. But, darn if I can do all that in one pass. I take 10 passes on one chapter before I get through the list of things I’m weak with, and then I have to make sure all the words are the best words for that spot and the fat is trimmed.

So, I’m on my nth revision. Honest! I have no way of counting what draft I’m on beyond knowing I keep putting the new ones into new folders only after revising the old ones once and then just saving that as the last revision. Right now, I have four versions saved. Considering each version had at least one revision, before I saved it, I know I’m past my 8th revision in two years.

So let’s just skip the “you should be able to polish your novel in three revisions” crap. That’s author talk! That’s stuff multiple-publication authors can spew–the type of writers who can write and polish a novel in less than a year–every year. Most of us are writers more than authors. (True, some have published, but it’s not yet a steady, comfortable income stream, once more the fulltime job, so, even if you’re published–which technically, I am, just not for fiction, nor a full book lol–feel free to chime in.)

But, I’m really asking how many drafts for that first novel?

And, if you have a memory better than mine, do you remember how many for each phase?
Phase 1: Get the story down.
Phase 2: Get the story right. (That is make it flow properly, by kicking out the crap and inserting “better” until it flows “naturally.” (Naturally = a pile of crap. This ain’t natural. lol)
Phase 3: Get it looking good to the untrained eye–most readers.
Phase 4: Get it good enough to sell.

I feel for those who think they’re getting their butts kicked after finding out their first draft isn’t very good. I hope this helps them see it’s not supposed to be good–just written. Good comes later. How much later for you?
Travis, yeah, because “experts” always admit how stupid they are. Then again, at least I made a complete thought out of this. You?

David, ooooh, you’re “that guy.” The guy who does get how it can be done in three drafts. Some day, in two or three decades, I hope to be “that guy” too. lol
Ghostwriter, of course you count. Any guesses what draft you’re on for the 20 year old “this is the One” novel? My guess at eight was a guestimate. I’m assuming I’ve done way more than that, but that’s all I can semi-prove. It’s hard when we keep going back, before we even finish a round. You’re doing more, because you’ve committed to learning, before publication. Every time I learn something new, I keep wanting to go back again.

HP, so you’re braver than I am…or more logical…or know what you’re doing more…or all three. Cool! I hope to be like that one day too.
I’m so glad to hear I’m not the only one who can’t do it quickly. :D

S ü, Ugh, errr, I’m one of those people who can’t spell right the first time. (I was tempted to use “write” in that less sentence. lol) Grammar check and spell check will catch my problems with your/you’re, but honestly? Half the time I write passed when I mean past, and vice versa. I also go back and catch my your/you’re later, and let’s not get into they’re, there or their. (Then again, that’s one of several reasons no one sees my first draft ever. lol) I also have aphasia, so I accept nontraditional reasons why people might screw up. I’ve been known to write (and say) “why,” when I mean “while.” I know the meanings and know they’re different words, but some times my mind skips that part anyway. ;)

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Answer by Travis
What makes u an expert

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Q&A: Can I find a real online job that pays?

Question by Biz Mama: Can I find a real online job that pays?
I hate surveys, data entry, affiliate marketing and money making systems!! They are all BIG SCAMS… I have spent thousands looking for a real online job!! I am frustrated!

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Answer by GamBit
There isn’t any as far as I can see. sorry..

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Question by Charlie B: What would be the best way to set up a real estate company?
I am a first time home buyer, but want to accumulate residential properties to rent out and create a residual income. Should I start a REIT, a LLC, or what?

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Answer by Phil C
Regarding REIT, if you don’t have much experience, don’t look there. To simplify it, view it as the real estate equivalent of mutual funds.

So, if you are interested in real estate investing, an LLC would be better. Depending on the state, it cost $ 200 to $ 800 to maintain it every year and your tax return cost higher (CPA) to do. Keep that in mind. Read books on LLC to know the other details regarding the yearly paperwork involved (annual meetings of members and managers)
Also, for renting out, you should have at least 20% or more of equity, depending on the area where you buy. Don’t do negative cashflow, make sure you account for maintenance cost, vacancies, advertisement, …
Loans for investors have always a higher interest rate, except if you buy an REO home from the VA (Veteran affairs) which gives the same interest rate to investors as homeowners (currently I think around 6.5%). This low interest rate will surely help you for getting the positive cash flow. Remember, although you could buy such VA REO house with VA financing with only 5% down payment, you should put 20% down to make sure you cover the maintenance cost.

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Is there any real writing job on the net?

affiliate money making
by dbking

Question by jenny a: Is there any real writing job on the net?
It seems all the work at home online job posted on the net are just a money making machine for the the poster/owner. After browsing the affiliate sites for a real work at home writing job and search the authenticity of the job, I come to a dead end, these type of jobs are not real.

Anyone can give me real work at home writing job?

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Answer by Aiv Janson
Since you said for yourself that you like writing, so here is what I can suggest you.
1. Set up a WordPress blog. Don’t even have to have an own domain or hosting.
2. Go to Amazon, Clickbank or any other affiliate site and sign up there. That’s free.
3. Choose whatever product you like. In a perfect situation, buy it, to see what’s it really like.
4. Start writing 20 posts in your blog and/or submit your written articles about that product to Ezinearticles pointing to your blog.
5. In your blog you point the buyers to the product page.
6. If and when they buy something, you get commission.

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Question by ThisIs50: “Plug-In-Profit Site Automate Income Streams” IS IT 4 REAL???
Go to google and type “How To Get Rich”.I found a site that offers a PC software wich can make u rich. It says that the user will have income in about 15 minutes after installing the software.And that you can get 10.000$ – 40.000$ in one month!I’m not sure about this.Is it dangerous because the software requires a bank account to work?If it is real then nobody in the world would work…Please check it out and tell me.Thx in advance

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Answer by nate
It is most definitely fake. Just ignore it and don’t get your identity stolen. Just remember, if it seems too good to be true, 99.999999999999999999% of the time, it is.

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Question by mohanjims: I want to know if Spider web is real or scam? Can one make 22 streams of income from it and how?

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Answer by it ecommer
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