Plugin Retirement Party

When Semiologic and Semiologic Pro was first created by Denis, WordPress was still in its infancy.  Now that it’s 2015, WordPress has greatly matured and Jetpack has brought functionality to those that self-host their blogs and websites.  Semiologic Plugins Retirement Party Some technology, like RSS, has been supplanted by Facebook and Twitter news feeds.    Given all of this, some of the Semiologic plugins and third party plugin forks just aren’t practical to maintain.   With WordPress being released every 3-4 months, having to test and release plugins just to say they are version compatible, is simply just a pain.

Its is time for some of the original Semiologic Pro plugins to be retired.  They have served us well these many years.  Some plugins are part of the WordPress core product (admin menus and favicons in WP 4.3), some have low usage or need (Feed Widgets), or technology has changed (RSS feeds vs. FB and Twitter feeds).

The following plugins are no longer going to be worked on nor maintained:

  • Admin Menu (Free plugin)
  • Article Uploader (Premium plugin)
  • Fancy Excerpt (Free plugin)
  • Favicon Head (forked version)
  • Feed Widgets (Premium plugin)
  • Frame Buster (Free plugin)
  • Mediacaster (Premium plugin)
  • Newsletter Manager (Premium plugin)
  • Opt-in Front Page (Free plugin)
  • PC Robots.txt (forked version)
  • Search Reloaded (Premium plugin)
  • Semiologic Affiliate (Premium plugin)
  • Semiologic Cloner (Premium plugin)
  • Subscribe Me (Free plugin)
  • Subscribe to Comments Reloaded (forked version)
  • WP DB Backup (forked version)

These join the prior plugins that were retired last few years:

  • Autolink URI (Free plugin rolled into External Links plugin)
  • Autotag (Premium plugin)
  • Core Control Reloaded (forked version)
  • Countdown Events Widget Reloaded (forked version)
  • Custom Query String Reloaded (forked version)
  • Widgets (Free plugin)
  • Democracy Poll Widget Reloaded (forked version)
  • Do Follow (Free plugin)
  • Feedburner Reloaded (forked version)
  • Hitslink (Free plugin)
  • Star Rating Reloaded (forked version)
  • Unfancy Quote  (Free plugin)
  • Uploads Folder (forked version)


This means Semiologic and developments efforts will be more streamlined and focused.   The Pinnacle theme continues to evolve with new functionality.   You’ll also be seeing a change around how Semiologic Pro is packaged and released that will allow for frequent updates.  For those that have current, valid subscriptions you’ll be grandfathered into the system.  More details to follow in the next few months.


Semiologic Google Analytics 6.0 has been released.   The main focus of this release is the support for Google's Universal Analytics, which left Beta on April 2nd.

An option has been added to use the new Universal Analytics tracking code.  This is on by default as Google has recently converted over the analytics accounts to use the new format.   Previously they had indicated a manual upgrade step would be needed.  With the cutover by Google to the new version, we will automatically use this new code.   The previous Event Tracking and the Page Ranker code has been converted over as part of this release.

You also have the ability to turn on the Display Advertising tracking feature for those people wanting Remarketing and Audience reporting.

Full change log includes:

  • Support new Universal Analytics tracking code.
  • Adds option to turn on Display Tracking when using Universal Analytics.
  • Fix Event Tracking failing to track some events with some caching plugins that concat javascript files.


Question by GregMason: What's your favorite wordpress plugin to make money from your blog?
What's your favorite wordpress plugin to make money from your blog?

Best answer:

Answer by Jason E Johns
Hi there,

I starting using the All in One Adsense and YPN plugin which automatically puts Adsense or Yahoo ads into your posts.

It's a great plugin and will insert Adsense into all posts in your blog, including the existing ones there. You can change the color, style and size of ad to make it blend in to your site.

By far the best plugin I have found.

You may also want to check out Alinks - that is a good one but more complex to use.

All the best


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Plugin Directory Refreshed

Been hanging out with a few hackers — Scott, Nacin, and Otto — the last few days in a BBQ-fueled haze of hacking to make plugin directory better. There are over 19,000 plugins listed and they’re really the heart and soul of WordPress for many people, so they deserve a little tender loving care. Here’s a quick before and after snapshot you can zoom in on to see a visual overview of some of the changes:

Our first focus was around improving the discussion and support around plugins.

You’ll now notice that threads about a plugin are pulled directly into a “support” tab on the plugin page — each plugin has its own forum. We’ve made authors much more prominent and with bigger Gravatars and better placement, so you can get a sense of who made the plugin you’re using. And finally to show how active and well-supported a plugin is, you can see  ”16 of 75 support threads in the last two weeks have been resolved.” Finally, if you’re logged in you get access to the new “favorites” feature that lets you mark the plugins you use the most so you can share them on your profile page and find them quickly later. We soft-launched favorites a few days ago and there have already been 2,000 saved!

If you’re a plugin author, we’ve started with a short threshold (2 weeks) for the resolved stats so it’s easy to catch up and stay on top of it. (It’ll eventually go to two months.) You also now have the ability to set stickies on your plugin forum to put FAQs or important information at the top, and of course any person you put as a committer on the plugin will have moderation access. People on the forum tag will see your custom header and links to the other resources attached to your plugin.

We’ve tightened up the styling a bit on the forums and plugin pages, though still some cleanups to do there. Some older improvements you might have missed, but are still useful for users and developers alike:

  • “Plugin headers” or those cool graphics you see at the top of plugin pages have really taken off, there are over 1,600 active now.
  • You can now subscribe to get an email whenever a commit is made to a plugin repository even if it isn’t yours. There is no better way to follow the development of your favorite plugins. There’s nothing like the smell of fresh changesets in the morning.
  • Behind the scenes, we’ve dramatically ramped up proactive scanning of the entire repository to help authors fix security and other problems they might not even know about yet. The quality level of the repo has gone way, way up.

All of this will continue to evolve as we get feedback and see usage, but we’re happy to have been able to make some key improvements in just a few days while hanging out in Memphis. (This is why WordCamps usually have BBQ — it imparts magical coding powers.)

WordPress News

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Google Images WordPress Plugin

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