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The Google Photography Prize 2012 winner

Last week we shared the names of the 10 Finalists for the Google Photography Prize 2012. Today we’re delighted to announce the winner: Viktor Johansson from Sweden.

Viktor is a 24-year-old student at the Swedish photography school Nordens Fotoskola Biskops-Arnö. The judges were captivated by his series that focused on Christoffer Eskilsson, Sweden’s best male diver from 10 meters. Viktor spent three days with Christoffer in Eriksdalsbadet, Stockholm where Christoffer trains and perfects his craft. Viktor came to realize that training to become the number-one male high diver in Sweden is a lonely pursuit.

Viktor has chosen to show us an alternative perspective on the life of a professional athlete—a view that we’re not used to seeing from sport photography in the media. Instead of glamorous action shots of an athlete in competition, he’s produced arresting and unexpected photographs that focus on the long, lonely hours of repetitive training and practice that it takes to excel in a field.

In addition to the exhibition at Saatchi Gallery, London, Viktor will go on a once-in-a-lifetime photography trip to a destination of his choice with a professional photography coach.

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How can you make extra money in photography?

Question by : How can you make extra money in photography?
I’m not a professional. I’m actually an accounting major and I want to buy a nice DSLR camera and I’m just curious how to make extra money if any doing this oh and how much can I make?

Obviously, I will learn to use it to the best of my ability before I try to make money from it lol.

Any tips would help!

Best answer:

Answer by Jim A
To be honest Mark, most working photographers, selling their photos and time, have been in the business a long time. They have years upon years of experience and perhaps even a degree to back them up.

To me it’s like watching the keyboard player at a concert. You can’t honestly believe that person started playing last night. He / she has spent their life at this. The same goes of a good photographer.

Picking up a little job here and there for friends is one thing. Convincing a potential client that you can deliver without all this experience and knowledge of the craft won’t work.

If you’re that interested in photographer I’d suggest some schooling, lots of learning and practice.
Learning to actually use a camera doesn’t come from a book, it comes from years of “street” experience, the kind of hit and miss experience that makes a good accountant.

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Back in November we announced the Google Photography Prize 2012, a competition offering student photographers a chance to share their best photographs with the world.

Groundbreaking photographer Ansel Adams once said, “There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs,” so we left the themes for submission suitably broad, with 10 categories that combined classic photography genres with online photography trends including “Night,” “Travel,” “Sound/Silence” and “Me.”

We were thrilled by the interest in the contest: nearly 20,000 students from 146 countries took part, of which 100 were shortlisted. You can see these in the gallery on our website.

Our judging panel of seven leading photography experts chose the 10 finalists whose work will be shown in our exhibition in the Saatchi Gallery. Today we’re announcing the finalists: Collin Avery (U.S.), Viktor Johansson (Sweden), Kyrre Lien (Norway), Alexandra Claudia Manta (Romania), Balázs Maté (Hungary), Adi Sason (Israel), Oliver Seary (UK), Dana Stirling (Israel), Sasha Tamarin (Israel), Zhao Yi (China). Here are examples of the finalists’ work—you can see their full albums on their Google+ profiles.

If you’re in London, come to the Saatchi Gallery to see the work of our finalists displayed alongside a new exhibition of international photography, Out of Focus, starting April 25. The overall winner of the Google Photography Prize will be announced on April 24, and will go on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to a location of their choice with a professional photographer as their mentor.

We hope you enjoy these fantastic photos as much as we did.

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Q&A: How can I make money off of my photography?

Question by Crackah™: How can I make money off of my photography?
I’m young, but I’m told I am a really creative photographer. I’ve been told I could make money off some of my pictures. There is no hope in my town. Nobody would want to buy them here. I’m wondering how I could make some money off of them online? I also am planning on going to school for photography and get better and more professional. But I’m looking for ways to get a little money for now. Also, how would I know what a good price is for my work?

Best answer:

Answer by §Fabulous Girl§
Try Ebay, people will buy anything!

Good Luck!

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How to make money with online photography?

Question by Siddhesh: How to make money with online photography?
Photography is my hobby , I use to take pic wherever I go and then I post to flickr. I receive many comments on my pics. I am thinking to make money with my pics. Please tell me how can I make money online with photography? Is their any magazine which is in search of online photographers?

Best answer:

Answer by Jim A
Making $ $ as a photographer is very hard. I spent a career in television photography. I’m now semi-retired doing some still jobs on the side… but these are client specific shoots.

I had a site for some time for Jim’s Digital Photo Shop. I got quite a few hits. I had photos for sale but absolutely no takers.

I don’t mean to sound cynical but I’ve found over 35-years of doing this work that unless you have a specific client, a company you work for,
or your name happens to be Ansel Adams, you’re looking at a very long, difficult road.

Tell you what. I’m no photo critic but I’d love to see your stuff. Send me your Flickr page through my profile – I’d like to see your work.
Here’s mine:


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There are no shortage of games on Apple’s App Store; app developers are constantly evolving their ideas to create the next Angry Birds.

Some apps function as useful services, trying to add gaming elements to prompt users to come back to the app, but with gamification often coming as an afterthought, many services fail to attract a large userbase.

Appysnap is an app that motivates users to play a game, not on their handsets, but by interacting with objects in the world around them. The new iPhone application sets users “missions”, challenging users to take a photo of a specific object within a set time (night or day) and rewarding them with prizes for completing them.

Appysnap will prompt the user with a text message style notification, alerting them to a new mission that has been added to the missions section of the application, listing all other outstanding missions that haven’t been completed.

If missions are completed quickly, Appysnap will reward users for completing them before others. Never Odd Or Even, developer of the app, says that users can win iPads, Kindles and Amazon vouchers but we weren’t quick enough to get that all-important notification.

As well as prizes, Appysnap allows its users to collect “caps”, which serve as points that can be redeemed for deals and offers. The user with the most “caps” at the end of the month is also eligible to win a special prize.

Some of the first missions sent to us were requests to take a picture of ourselves and to share a photo that had three or more people in it. The app is available to iPhone owners all over the world but Appysnap will occasionally send missions to players in specific towns or neighbourhoods, opening up ways for the company to partner with local events.

The game is fun but can be annoying to those who aren’t used to their iPhone beeping at random intervals. Whilst we get this is the idea of the app itself, we soon found ourselves looking for the option to turn off the notifications so that it didn’t annoy us whilst we were trying to work.

If you have a little time on your hands or can drop what you are doing at a moments notice, Appysnap could be the perfect fun app that has you competing against others to win some pretty impressive prizes.

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