Question by Don M: Why do people continue to believe the lie that President Bush only cut taxes for the wealthy?
President Bush’s tax cuts reduced the taxes of all who pay income taxes. This includes the middle class. The lower half of income earners only pay 2.9% of income taxes, but those who do pay got a cut. So let’s quit this class baiting demagoguery that says only the rich got a tax cut under Bush.
Bostonia…The rich got the most in tax cuts because they PAY the most. Pretty obvious, and certainly fair.

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Answer by C F
Don’t confuse them with the facts

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Why is it so hard to motivate people?

Question by gs400cww: Why is it so hard to motivate people?
I got started with a network marketing group lately but everyone I try to add to my downline has no ambition beyond working a 9 to 5. They don’t want to change their comfort level. How do you sell the idea of residual income with little work?

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Answer by urnlov
nothing changes, if nothing changes!

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Question by : Is a website that lets people list their unwanted gift cards for sale a good idea?
I want to know if this idea could make me a lot of money. To make money on the site, I would charge the seller a small fee once the card was sold on the site. I would also put advertisements up on the site and a subscriber newsletter that could promote affiliate products. If you don’t think this online marketplace for gift cards idea is any good, please tell me how to make A LOT of money online and some of the best online business ideas to try out that could be profitable.

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Answer by joe.attaboy
Actually, it’s not really a bad idea. You could also add an exchange option, in case two people wanted to swap cards.

As for online business ideas to make A LOT of money, you just thought of one. There’s no pile of ideas just sitting there waiting. Most inline web businesses are come-ons and scams.

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Question by Chris4u: Does anyone know where is the best social networking site that really help people to earn money?
I am looking at long term relationship with people that really want help me to grow.And I am looking at a social networking for making money every month.

I want long terms residual income social networking and making personal contact with people.

I am tire of selling a program to a program that cheat,hype and bragging all the way.

So,if there a site? Please help!

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Answer by Guilles
You seem to be taylor made for the business found below. Exit strategy and excellent residual income. You owe it to yourself to check it out..Do your due diligence and you’ll find that even though you’ve researched other sites, you will come back to this business opportunity because you feel great about the products. Discover your path to personal freedom…FROM HOME.
More importantly, can you achieve the success, prosperity and lifestyle of your dreams and truly love what you do every day of your life? Let this website be your guide for one of the most lucrative home businesses on the market today.
Personal Development is a 12 Billion dollar industry with substantial yearly growth and this business will guide you step by step in marketing these Personal Development Products.

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Question by BARBIE B: How do you find people to market your website?
There is so much talk of affiliate marketing. I have websites that I would love advertised but I was never good at marketing. I know affiliates make decent money but they are advertising. Where can I find people to advertise my websites and they get paid a specific percentage of the profits for their work? Sort of like affiliate marketing but more or less because I can’t market. I have no problem sharing in the profits, since there won’t be profits without a motivated person on the advertising end of it. Please help.

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Answer by onelife
Go to, which is a marketing site that covers the United Kingdom, USA, Germany and shortly France, Spain and Portugal. Maybe they can help you promote your site?

Unlike most sites, their services are free as long as you carry a return banner to them on your site.

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Question by ghostwriter: How do people collect settlements ordered by the court?
When a person sues another person and wins, how does the plaintiff collect the settlement?
What if the defendant doesn’t have the money to pay?
What if the defendant doesn’t show up in court, which is an automatic win, how does the plaintiff collect?

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Answer by Ri
I’ve been working with a woman who has had her wages garnished ever since she started working with me. The people who sued her can take up to one third of her wages, whether she can afford it or not.

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Globally, there are approximately 285 million visually impaired people in the world—and each one of those people has networks of family and friends. Increasing the accessibility of products impacts not only the millions of people with disabilities, but also the lives of the people connected to them.

It’s because of the wide impact better accessibility tools can have that we partner with organizations like the Vision Serve Alliance, which brings together the CEOs of U.S. nonprofits that serve the blind and visually impaired to network and share best practices.

On Thursday, November 8 we welcomed 63 of these executives to Google’s San Francisco, Calif. office. There, we showed how we’re making Google’s products more accessible to blind and visually impaired users. We also shared insight into Google’s culture—our commitment to openness, transparency and encouraging Googlers to bring their whole selves to work.

The attendees talked with representatives from the Google self-driving car team about the technology’s potential impact on mobility for the blind and visually impaired, as previously demoed by Steve Mahan from the Santa Clara Valley Blind Center. Other teams of Googlers also joined the event to demonstrate accessibility features in products like Chrome and Android. Chromevox is a screen reader that’s built into Chrome OS and the Chrome browser. Android’s built-in accessibility features include text-to-speech, haptic feedback, gesture navigation, trackball and directional-pad navigation, all of which help visually impaired users navigate their mobile devices.

In line with our efforts to empower all people with disabilities, on December 3 we’re celebrating the International Day of Disability in Google offices in North America. We’ll have 7-minute flash talks about how Google’s work on accessibility empowers different communities, and a global product accessibility improvement day where Googlers test our products for accessibility bugs.

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Question by ad victorium ad christum: How the hell do people make money blogging? Could someone give me step by step directions?

I didn’t ask for information that I’d have to pay to get. If that guy selling the ebook was so rich with blogging he’d give the ebook away for free.

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Answer by sk8erdude192

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Maps keep our spirit of adventure alive by making it easier for us to explore the world around us. That’s why today, we’re making Google Maps even better with new turn-by-turn navigation with traffic conditions, biking directions, Map Maker and new Street View imagery in more locations globally. These improvements are part of our ongoing effort to build the best map we can — one that’s comprehensive, accurate and easy for you to use.

First, we’re expanding Google Maps Navigation (Beta) with voice guided, turn-by-turn directions in thousands of towns across India. Navigation is one of the most frequently requested features in this region and can be especially helpful when driving in densely populated cities like Delhi or Bangalore. We’re also adding live traffic conditions for major roads with estimated travel times to help you save time and to reduce stress on the road.

Turn-by-turn voice navigation in New Delhi, India

Biking directions and Map Maker are also now rolling out to New Zealanders. Local cyclists can access biking directions directly on Google Maps, and use Map Maker to add bike lanes and trails if their favorite route is missing or they discover a new one. Beyond biking trails, Map Maker can also be used to make the New Zealand map more accurate with details such as new road names, building footprints and more.

Biking directions from Remuera in Auckland to the local Google office

Later today, we’ll also release new Street View imagery for more than 150 university campuses globally. With classes just getting started, freshman students, transfers and even empty-nesting parents can now familiarize themselves with college campuses around the world, including UCLA in the U.S., Pembroke College in the U.K., McGill University in Canada and Sophia University in Japan. These new panoramic views join our growing list of universities whose campuses are already available in Google Maps.

View Larger Map

Royce Hall at the University of California, Los Angeles

Finally, to celebrate all the places you can reach with Google Maps—all seven continents, the sky, the moon and even the depths of the ocean—we made a video that we hope will inspire you to keep exploring.

Keep exploring at Here’s to many new adventures.

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Question by YES MAN: Rich people stay rich by investing in residual income assets?
and as they invest more and more, their income get higher each time.
While poor people work at the same job 9-5 for the same pay and have no assets that can produce income that they can rely on when there’s a raining day.

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Answer by Boober
Sounds more like a statement than a question.

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