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Question by Bobby H: What is thebest passive income, is rental property a good investment?
I want to be able to have income which offsets my expenses, but have few business skills and really am not likely to buy a franchise as I am not a people person. If I bought property for income and possible resale what kind, or maybe wait on this?

Best answer:

Answer by rayt721
Rental property is a GREAT investment… while it’s rented. If you can pay cash for the rental without needing a loan, go for it. You can rent out or sell at will but if you owe on it and/or depend on income to pay for it, you are not really investing. You will pay income and taxes and be liable for repairs so take a look at your budget and you’ll be able to answer your own question about how practical the thought is. There are other ways to generate passive income without high risk like property… consider them. But, if you’ve got money people will always need places to live especially with so many foreclosures out there.

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Q&A: What are good sources of passive income?

Question by mubeweras: What are good sources of passive income?
Trying to set up some residual income streams so that I can go back to school full time.

Any Ideas?

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Answer by love_dont_judge
buy a house and rent it out.

Car wash. All you have to do is collect quarters at the end of the week.

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Question by Bobbi J: Anyone sign up for this offer? The Type At Home Passive Income Streams Program. Is it just another SCAM?
It promises you that you can make money by typing at home???Sounds too good to be true so I assume that it is.

Best answer:

Answer by JL
From my experience if it sounds to good to be true, it is. I have had no luck with the data entry/ rebate processes and such. However, there are legit ways to make money online. It has taken me a lot of research to find these. I have been doing the online ‘surveys’ for a couple years now. You just have to be organized and cancel something if its a trial.
Other than the surveys I have only found one oppurtunity that worked for me. I actually understand the whole process now of how to make money online. Please feel free to check out the links I will include. Good luck and always do your research!!

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