Question by Jacket 12_KST: Why are the classic cartoon network shows not on Netflix instant stream?
Specifically Dexter’s Lab, Cow & Chicken, Johnny Bravo, and the Powerpuff Girls (and even current adult swim shows). Will they ever be on the stream?

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Answer by Alicia
Short answer – Licencing.

Long answer – The problem with an instant streaming service such as Netflix is that for every show that they put on their servers, they must pay a license for them so the producers of the shows can get the revenue that they created the shows for. It’s much the same for any television station or network that wants to re-run a show.

And that’s where shows are chosen or not for streaming/syndication. Whether or not the show’s producers can come up with a licencing scheme that the streaming content providers can live with. That they feel that the show itself will help generate the income to both pay for the licencing as well as make a profit for them.

There may be a time when Netflix and Cartoon Network can get it all together, but when that will be, who knows?

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Question by prroudfoot: When will the Yahoo Publisher Network and MSN AdCenter be available to UK based website owners?
It seems like we’ve been waiting for years! I’ve heard some horror stories about people having their Google Adsense accounts disabled with no explanation, so I’m keen to spread my income streams

Additionally, can anyone recommend some high quality banner ad networks?

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Answer by imisidro
Nobody knows. YPN has been in beta for years. MSN Ad Center is not even publicly available but only to a selected beta testers

I’ve been with the Google Adsense program since June 2003 — and if you just follow the terms and conditions and the program policies carefully, you will have no problems. Google wants to earn as much as you do.

I have seen so very few websites that have been kicked out of Adsense without any valid reason. There’s a site whose focus is hacking, which is against the rules, yet complained loudly that he’s been kicked out unfairly. There’s a site where only the homepage has content, and the inside pages has absolutely nothing except for 3 blocks of Adsense ads — which again is against the rules. And there are many web site owners who click on their own ads or ask their friends and family to click on their ads — only to cry foul when caught cheating.

Unless I see the site in question has value in terms of quality content, often Google is justified in kicking them out of the program

As for banner ad networks, I suggest you stick with the more reputable ones unless you want all those flashing banners or banners that leave malicious code on your visitors computers:

Burst Media
Fastclick (ValueClick).
Tribal Fusion

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Bantr, the social network for football (soccer) fans, has announced that it’s expanding into Europe meaning that fans of teams that play in Spain’s La Liga and Italy’s Seria A can now check-in to games, vote on the action, view live stats and generally ‘banter’ with rival fans in real-time as the action unfolds.

We first reported on Bantr when it launched into public beta last month, just in time for the new English football season. But it seems that it has decided to look beyond the professional English football leagues and into the glitz of teams such as Barcelona, Real Madrid, AC Milan and Juventus.

In addition to this, Bantr has also added full support for The Champions League and The Europa League, meaning that users can now follow these games live on Bantr too.

Peter McCormack, CEO of Bantr, said:

“We have been inundated with requests from fans in Europe who love what Bantr is bringing to football but were unable to take part as we couldn’t support all teams from launch. We’ve worked flat-out with our data provider Opta to be able to bring two of the best leagues outside of the UK to European football fans well ahead of our original schedule.”

Bantr has attracted over 5,000 registered fans to date, and with La Liga and Serie A now added to its repertoire this should be set to grow, and McCormack says that Bantr now has its sights set on covering the whole of Europe. “Bantr has received huge amounts of positive support from users,” said Peter, “and we want to ensure we can offer the same excellent service fans in all leagues”.

Fans wishing to join Bantr can register for the beta now at:

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