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Question by Billi: What is the main key to making money with affiliate marketing?
There is so much information out there about affiliate marketing that it is making my head spin.

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Answer by Pratibha Bharati

Generate Traffic of your website.


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Question by Mary: What is the best list of software required for affiliate marketing?
I want to start to make money online as an affiliate, but have found a lot of software to be expensive, does any one know of free or cheap software I will need on my computer?

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Answer by Robert
There are loads of free tools available it just depends what affiliate marketing field you want to go into! Visit

Its a forum full of people discussing affiliate marketing! I use it all the time and they have reviews of tools etc on the website!

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Question by : Is it legal for kids under 18 to do affiliate marketing?
I am under 18 and really want to make a information website and make money from affiliate programs and ads. I am hoping to make a huge amount. Is this legal? Do you think
doing this could make me six figures a year? Is a website like I just explained considered an online business? Are there any other online business ideas (like auction site, membership site) that could make me six figures a year?

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Answer by MandyW
Hi Andrew,

I love your enthusiasm! My name is Mandy Wildman and I am a Marketing Strategist with Two Cups Connect Marketing. As regards being under 18, my son Talbryn Porter is only 9 years old, and he is The FarmVille Kid – he already has his own affiliate marketing business (do a search for him on Facebook).

I am going to recommend you do a few things to start learning this business, and I’ll give you some links to books and courses that I think are awesome that will help you get started with your business within the next 24 hours (really!).

The first one is an Ebook and it is totally free! It presents a strategy for selling any type of product using methods which will never become outdated. Plus a really clever twist which will send your income rocketing if you do it the way he says.

The Ultimate SuperTips, written by Harvey Segal is easy to follow, written without ‘hype’ and not littered with annoying links. And it ends with an amazing idea for making you money from the book itself.

Harvey Segal does NOT ask for your personal contact information at all – so I would recommend this as a good place to start – click the first link below.

Next, I would do Ewen Chia’s 24-hour Internet Profits course. It rocks! My son has watched it (it is a series of short videos) and after that Talbryn knew exactly how to set up a blog and get started earning money. Yes – so simple a 9 year old could do it! That’s the second link below.

Have fun, and if you’d like more advice, just contact me through my website (

Best, Mandy Wildman (mom of the FarmVille Kid!)

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