Question by Rosie: I want to try an automated money making program. Can money be made?
I would like any suggestions of good programs that advertise and close sells for you. I’m looking for one that has a product that is really unique and needed. I’d like one that uses direct response marketing to sell and promote for me. I’d be willing to pay a percentage to them and a monthly fee if this would help me earn money. I’d like this to become a residual income for me. Does a monthly fee mean that everytime someone does the same thing, I would continue to receive on a continuous basis. This sounds interesting to me. Has anyone found a good program and really making money with no additional advertising costs? If you know of a program that is automated but that I can pay my fees or setup and still make a good profit.

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Answer by paintballjla
i don’t know

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Question by Billi: What is the main key to making money with affiliate marketing?
There is so much information out there about affiliate marketing that it is making my head spin.

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Answer by Pratibha Bharati

Generate Traffic of your website.


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Question by James: What is your experience making money with FreeSightSignUp?
Affiliate marketing, 35 websites to make you money. Is this a reputable company?

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Answer by STEVEN F
I have NO IDEA what their reputation is. I am 100% certain no legitimate company would use that name. ANY company that claims THEY will make YOU money is automatically suspicious. If they claim you don’t have to WORK for whatever you get, they are flat out lying.

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