Question by QueAndAy: Is using an immediate annuity and investing in mutual funds the best of both worlds for an early retirement?
Lately, I’ve been thinking much about an early retirement. Have worked over 20 years in the same company. Plus, always good to prepare as I’ve seen friends and family get an early retirement forced upon them. I was thinking about using an immediate annuity (along with a pension) for a guarenteed income stream. However, since a regular income wouldn’t keep up with inflation, I’d definitely still want to have money invested in mutual funds too.

Let’s say the annuity plus penison brings in about $ 50,000 a year, with about $ 400,000 left in other investments and a Roth IRA about $ 50,000. Also, no mortage in home, no dependents to provide for. With $ 50,000, some of that can still be used to continue investing in mutual funds even in retirement. Thus, if a bear market comes along, it’s comforting to know there is a steady income stream.

Would that combination of annuity and mutual funds be the best of both worlds for a stress free early retirement?

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Answer by mybluemax1
I recommend talking with a finiatial consultant, Edward Jones or Charles Schwab (at least for ideas). There are pros and cons to every decision.

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How do I go about investing in stocks?

Question by Antonio G: How do I go about investing in stocks?
My friend/ roommate says that investing in stocks is the best way to earn residual income, coming form interest, etc. How do I go about doing that? What would be my first steps?

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Answer by Elliott P
Contact a stock broker to find out all the details- they generally set you up for a pretty good run.

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If you drive northwest from Des Moines, Iowa, you’ll see a lot of corn fields. From time to time, you’ll also see wind turbines rising out of those fields, making efficient use of our natural resources to produce renewable energy. It’s places like these that are home to a vibrant, emerging clean energy economy.

Today we‘re announcing that we’ve made an equity investment of $ 75 million in a 50MW wind farm in Rippey, a small town in Greene County, about an hour outside of Des Moines. The Rippey project, developed by RPM Access, is expected to produce enough energy to power over 15,000 Iowa homes. The project, which is now in operation, uses turbines produced by Nordex USA at their Jonesboro, Ark. facility.

Investment team members Nick Coons and Steffi Russell-Egbert visiting the Rippey project on a (windy) day in October.

We’ve taken two approaches to greening the grid in Iowa, a state where we operate a data center. Back in 2010, we entered into a long-term contract to purchase wind energy from NextEra Energy Resources’ Story County II wind farm. This time, we’re investing directly into a wind project, which has been contracted to sell all of the energy to the Central Iowa Power Cooperative, an Iowa-based utility that will deliver the energy to local consumers. We’re happy to help make more renewable energy available to Iowans and to support the growing wind energy industry in the state.

This project brings our committed investment to the renewable energy sector to more than $ 990 million. Read more about our previous investments on our Google Green site.

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Question by YES MAN: Rich people stay rich by investing in residual income assets?
and as they invest more and more, their income get higher each time.
While poor people work at the same job 9-5 for the same pay and have no assets that can produce income that they can rely on when there’s a raining day.

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Answer by Boober
Sounds more like a statement than a question.

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The Mojave Desert might be best known for its scorching sun and scary sidewinders, but the wind blows hard where the Mojave sands meet the Tehachapi Mountains in southern California, making it a great spot for wind turbines. It’s the site of the Alta Wind Energy Center (AWEC), which will generate 1,550 megawatts (MW) of energy when complete, making it one of the largest sites in the country for wind energy generation—enough to power 450,000 homes. Renewable energy developer Terra-Gen Power is constructing the site in several phases and we’ll provide $ 55 million to finance the 102 MW Alta IV project. Citibank, which has underwritten the equity for Alta Projects II-V, is also investing in this project.

We’re always looking for projects that are uniquely positioned to transform our energy sector. As part of the new 4,500 MW Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project (TRTP), AWEC uses some of the first transmission lines developed specifically to transport renewable energy from remote, resource-rich areas (like the Mojave) to major population centers.

The Alta Wind Energy Center under construction

The Alta projects also employ an innovative financial structure called a leveraged lease, which has been used previously in the solar industry but has only recently become an option for wind projects. Under the leveraged lease, Google and Citi are purchasing the Alta IV project and will lease it back to Terra-Gen, who will manage and operate the wind projects under long-term agreements. We hope this structure encourages more investment by enabling other types of investors who might not typically consider wind projects.

The first five Alta projects are already operational, delivering 720 MW of energy to Southern California Edison, which will receive all 1,550 MW when completed, under a power purchase agreement signed with Terra-Gen in 2006. While Google won’t be purchasing the electricity from this project, AWEC will help California meet its ambitious renewable portfolio standard of 33 percent clean power by 2020. The whole site will boost California’s wind generation by 30 percent.

With this deal, we’ve now invested more than $ 400 million in the clean energy sector. We hope AWEC’s success, with its unique deal structure and renewable energy transmission, encourages more financing and development of renewables that will usher in a new energy future.

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