Question by JP: What if you could work from home for a real business and have fun doing it? Would You?
This is for all those who want to work from home making a residual income. What would your dream job be? (From home)

I am currently doing mine through my home business. Im not going to say what it is but if you want more info email me. I will let you know what it is and give you some info on it.
since people are so interested it is Monavie

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Answer by I am because He is!
why not let us know what it is?

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Question by MthrNatures_Son: What would happen if all Americans sat at home and collected checks?
Imagine that the government owned businesses all over the world, including Casinos and Real Estate and other cash making ventures. What if the value of their investments and residual income was enough to pay all Americans a $ 50,000 a year check. Even foreigners were brought in to run our local stores and services. All Americans would have to do would be to consume.

What would happen.

P.S. I’m drawing this imaginary model after Native American Reservations with Casinos. A local casino near San Diego pays over $ 5000 a month to everyone on the Reservation over 18. I have a relative that married a Native and lives there. People don’t have to work. They can just spend their casino money, invest in Real Estate, or do whatever they choose.

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Answer by Go with the flow

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Question by lepooche: Does anyone know legitimate work from home websites?
I need a list of all legitimate work from home and money making websites. I need only those that I do not have to spend any of my own money, and also those I do not need a land-line phone for, my land-line phone lines are dead.

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Answer by Candy Apple
If you’re over 18, go to Associated Content and write articles. You can write on any subject you want. They pay you upfront + pageviews. There are many websites that you can write for that only pay for pageviews. I made a good living writing for associated content before I got a better gig. I highly recommend it. Also, try going to It’s a forums that have tons of researched work at home jobs and discussions with others about them.

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