Question by Bill: What business can I do with a high volume mail inserter? Please help?
I’m broke and have no job……..I worked in a mailroom for an insurance business. We would basicaly mail “leads” for agents across the nation. Well after enough agents were signed and “underneath” our company my boss just decided to close the mailroom and just make residual income from the agents, leaving me with no job. Odd thing happend, he called me back and said that instead of selling the Pitney Bowes Series 8 inserter machine he would just give it to me and sign the contract over to me. The machine is paid off and still has warranty and mechanic assistance. Is there anything I can do? Maybe open a mailroom for another insurance company? Or do mass mailing for the public? I’m also considering Pitney Bowes training for a couple months to help me better understand the machine for myself. Any suggestions? Anything will help. Thanks

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Answer by trimagna
There are many opportunities for mailing.

Using the Web and Fedex you can provide service nationwide.

When I google “Pitney Bowes inserter” I see other companies selling that kind of equipment as sponsored ads.

Try to find a search phrase which brings up companies selling the inserter service.

When you sign up with Google for adwords, they help you estimate how much to pay per click-through to get good positioning on the sponsored results column.

You might have to partner with a company that prints the contents such as collection notices, auto dealer promotions, etc.

Worse case, sell the stuffer. Isn’t it worth at least $ 20,000?

Good luck,
– CarlD

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Question by Doc Holliday Socialist: Isn’t it important to help Republicans tilt the distribution of income even more toward financial elites to?
ensure a steady stream of maids for their use?

It is just so much easier to exploit women when they are poor and the more poor maids, the wider the selection,

And even for those of us who are not super rich, the opportunities provided by the recession has been endless. Having a job and a little cash goes a long way when those around you are desperate.

That is why I am a Republican.

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Answer by Mr. Nemesis

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Question by Chris4u: Does anyone know where is the best social networking site that really help people to earn money?
I am looking at long term relationship with people that really want help me to grow.And I am looking at a social networking for making money every month.

I want long terms residual income social networking and making personal contact with people.

I am tire of selling a program to a program that cheat,hype and bragging all the way.

So,if there a site? Please help!

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Answer by Guilles
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It’s that time of year: school is in full swing, the holidays are just around the corner, and we’re once again accepting proposals for our Computer Science for High School (CS4HS) grants. CS4HS is a “train the trainer” program that aims to give teachers the tools they need in order to bring computer science and computational thinking into the classroom.

With a grant from Google, university, college and technical college faculty develop these three to five day workshops—hands-on, interactive opportunities for K-12 teachers to learn how to teach CS to their students. Some programs are geared toward CS teachers, while others are for non-CS teachers who want to incorporate computer science into their curriculum. No two programs are exactly alike, and it is the creative and passionate material that organizers develop which makes this program so unique—and successful.

2013 marks the fifth consecutive year for our CS4HS program, and we’ve grown significantly. Hundreds of students and thousands of teachers have been through these workshops to date, and our program has spread to include places in Africa, Australia, Canada, China, Europe, the Middle East, New Zealand and the U.S. Our alumni are connected to each other, other educators and organizers through our teacher’s forum, which also enables K-12 teachers interested in CS education to join the discussion and ask questions.

We’re accepting applications on our website from now until February 16, 2013. To qualify, you must work for an accredited university, college or technical school in one of the qualifying regions. Each region has a slightly different application process, so make sure to read up on your area at

If you’re not a university faculty member, but still want to be involved, reach out to a local area university and encourage the CS Chairperson to apply; peruse information on our K-12 educators page to start bringing CS into your classroom; and check for updates on our website starting in March to find a program near you.

We’re excited to help even more educators learn how to bring computer science to their students, whether they’re teaching CS, math, history, or any other subject. Together, we can start the next generation of CS professionals on their way.

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If you’ve ever asked a question in the Google Help Forums, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve met a Google Top Contributor. Last September, we told you a little bit about the Top Contributors when we hosted our 2011 Top Contributor Summit. Since then, Top Contributors continue to help millions of people get the most out of Google’s products by answering questions in Google’s Help Forums.

They also continue to give important feedback to Google. Top Contributors have advocated for features and improvements like custom colors in Google Calendar, more locations for offline Google Maps on Android devices, and protected ranges in Google Sheets. In short, they help Google build better products.

Starting today, you can find out more about Top Contributors on our new website for the program. You can learn about Google Help Forums, meet a few of the Top Contributors, and get a better understanding of what these incredible folks do to impact people’s lives in the forums every day.

We hope that the website brings the world of Google Help Forums to light and shows our thanks for the dedication Top Contributors show each day. To meet a Top Contributor or get some help, just stop by a forum and say hello. And let us know if you want more information on joining the Top Contributor Program!

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Question by : Is BlogHatter easy to use and will it help me make money blogging?
I’ve seen the promos for this program coming out in a few days. Just wondering if anyone has it yet (maybe someone that got it before it’s official live date) and does it work? I’m a blogger and I work with a lot of content, so this looks useful.

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Answer by Robeerto
Yes, I use it almost daily and can vouch for the program’s features and benefits. It makes uploading articles to my blogs 1000x easier! Instead of using the WP or Blogger interface, which is very manual and you have to do it one at a time, you can use BlogHatter to do it quickly. Read my BlogHatter review on my blog. I am offering some of the best BlogHatter bonus items, too.

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Help me get started with a blog and make money?

Question by : Help me get started with a blog and make money?
I’m thinking of making a blog and using Google Adsense to make money for my family.
but I know they pay you by how many clicks you get,
but Can anyone suggest some ideas on what to blog about and get started? and any other ideas I may need?

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Answer by kee
Typically, you will not make thousands of dollars, but you may be able to make a little spending cash. Making money from ads on the blog is just one way to earn. Also, you can be hired as a blogger (see a list of job boards here: ).

See for a wealth of information on not only starting a blog, but also how to make money while blogging. Here’s a couple articles from that site: and .

Here’s my advice:
1) Try to develop a purpose(s) for your blog. It’s not mandatory, but you’ll likely need a larger motivator to keep a blog going than a little spending cash. Spend a significant amount of time developing your blog identity. Here are some articles to help:

“Developing Your Blogging Identity”:

“20 Types of Blog Posts – Battling Bloggers Block”

“Lack of Ideas? You’ve Got to Be Kidding!”:

“A Simple Way To Develop Writing Ideas for Your Blog”

“How to Choose the Perfect Blogging Topic”

“9 Steps to Better Blog Post Ideas”:

“Use These 10 Tips to Write Your Most Popular Post Ever”:

“Six Steps to Stress-Free Blogging Habit”:

2) Then, you’ll need to decide what type of blog that you want to create – a stand alone blog or a developer-hosted blog (which will have more restrictions, but will have more automated features). See for details.

3) After choosing your blogging platform or service, then consider design elements.

4) Develop a promotional strategy. You can’t expect to publish a blog and see traffic automatically build. See these articles for some help with that aspect:

Why My Blog Gets No Comments:

Daily Blog Tips (Website Traffic Series – 20+ articles, see links at bottom of post)

How to Find Readers For Your Blog

Kick Your RSS: Jumping on the Syndication Bandwagon

Search Engine Optimization for Blogs – SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips for Bloggers

Using Social Media Sites to Grow Your Blog’s Traffic

21 Ways to Make Your Blog or Website Sticky

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In the past, navigating through museums could be an art form in and of itself. But Google Maps for Android has got wayfinding inside your favorite museums down to a science. With indoor maps and walking directions for U.S. museums now available on your Android phone or tablet, you can plan your route from exhibit to exhibit, identifying points of interest along the way, including between floors.

Today, we’ve added more than twenty popular U.S. museums to our collection of over 10,000 indoor maps that we launched in November: the de Young Museum in San Francisco, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Cincinnati Museum Center, the Indianapolis Museum of Art, the American Museum of Natural History and 17 Smithsonian museums—plus a zoo!

“My location” in the American Museum of Natural History, New York City

To access the floor plans, simply open Google Maps on your Android phone or tablet and zoom in on the museum of interest. To find the museum, either search for it by name using the magnifying glass icon or, if you’re already there, use the “My location” feature to orient yourself. With the “My location” feature enabled you can even get indoor walking directions.

Indoor walking directions in the National Air and Space Museum—Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.

More museums are adding their floor plans to Google Maps for Android soon, including the SFMOMA, The Phillips Collection, the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art and the National WWII Museum in New Orleans. If you’re interested in getting your museum’s floor plan included in Google Maps, visit the Google Maps Floor Plans tool.

Along with the Google Art Project, indoor mapping is one more way we’re working with museums to bring greater access to revered cultural and educational institutions around the world. Tap into the latest version of Google Maps for Android in Google Play, and enjoy exploring the art and science of the great indoors.

(Cross-posted on the Lat Long blog)

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Question by Kenny219: How to make a really successful blog? HELP!! Also are there any terrific money making solutions online?
I’m in need of money right now because I am in debt and really need a lot of money. I looked at blogging and it said that you can make tons of money with it. How do you get traffic and such. If any one else has any reeeeeeaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyy good money making solutions online please, please, please tell me and fast.

Best answer:

Answer by ρυɠ ʘ˳ʘ
I tried to answer this earlier but yahoo seems to be having a few technical difficulties right now.

I’m going to put two links in source; one is to a fairly new blog which lists ways to make money online. (Totally free.)

The other one is for a website that reviews different programs, including blogging, and reports on scams.

Hope these help :)

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You are an agent of change. Has anyone ever told you that? Well, I just did, and I meant it.

Normally we stay away from from politics here at the official WordPress project — having users from all over the globe that span the political spectrum is evidence that we are doing our job and democratizing publishing, and we don’t want to alienate any of our users no matter how much some of us may disagree with some of them personally. Today, I’m breaking our no-politics rule, because there’s something going on in U.S. politics right now that we need to make sure you know about and understand, because it affects us all.

Using WordPress to blog, to publish, to communicate things online that once upon a time would have been relegated to an unread private journal (or simply remained unspoken, uncreated, unshared) makes you a part of one of the biggest changes in modern history: the democratization of publishing and the independent web. Every time you click Publish, you are a part of that change, whether you are posting canny political insight or a cat that makes you LOL. How would you feel if the web stopped being so free and independent? I’m concerned freaked right the heck out about the bills that threaten to do this, and as a participant in one of the biggest changes in modern history, you should be, too.

You may have heard people talking/blogging/twittering about SOPA — the Stop Online Piracy Act. The recent SOPA-related boycott of GoDaddy was all over the news, with many people expressing their outrage over the possibilities of SOPA, but when I ask people about SOPA and its sister bill in the Senate, PIPA (Protect IP Act), many don’t really know what the bills propose, or what we stand to lose. If you are not freaked out by SOPA/PIPA, please: for the next four minutes, instead of checking Facebook statuses, seeing who mentioned you on Twitter, or watching the latest episode of Sherlock*, watch this video (by Fight for the Future).

Some thoughts:

  • In the U.S. our legal system maintains that the burden of proof is on the accuser, and that people are innocent until proven guilty. This tenet seems to be on the chopping block when it comes to the web if these bills pass, as companies could shut down sites based on accusation alone.
  • Laws are not like lines of PHP; they are not easily reverted if someone wakes up and realizes there is a better way to do things. We should not be so quick to codify something this far-reaching.
  • The people writing these laws are not the people writing the independent web, and they are not out to protect it. We have to stand up for it ourselves.

Blogging is a form of activism. You can be an agent of change. Some people will tell you that taking action is useless, that online petitions, phone calls to representatives, and other actions won’t change a single mind, especially one that’s been convinced of something by lobbyist dollars. To those people, I repeat the words of Margaret Mead:

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

We are not a small group. More than 60 million people use WordPress — it’s said to power about 15% of the web. We can make an impact, and you can be an agent of change. Go to Stop American Censorship for more information and a bunch of ways you can take action quickly, easily, and painlessly. The Senate votes in two weeks, and we need to help at least 41 more senators see reason before then. Please. Make your voice heard.

*Yes, the latest episode of Sherlock is good. Stephen Moffatt + Russell Tovey = always good

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