No Following Links in WordPress Widgets

Search engine Land just posted Google’s Matt Cutts: I Recommend NoFollowing Links On Widgets.

Matt Cutts said, “I would recommend putting a nofollow, especially on widgets.”

If your a WordPress user, Semiologic's External Links plugin can accomplish this for you without the need to manually enter rel="nofollow"  in all your outgoing links in your sidebar, header and footer widgets.

  1. Simply go to Settings->External Links.
  2. Check the Apply Globally box.
  3. Check the Add No Follow box.
  4. Save Changes and you're all done.
External Links - Semiologic — WordPress Plugin

External Links Settings


Pretty simple and best of all, automatic!

External Links is part of the Semiologic Pro package.    You can also find it in the WordPress Plugin repository – External Links.


Question by souper.gloo: Which of the following examples are examples of automatic stabilizers?
1. The federal funds rate
2. The discount rate
3. Personal income taxes


Best answer:

Answer by Michelle B
It’s 2, the discount rate controlled by the FED.

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Question by Kris C.: Which of the following are examples of automatic stabilizers?
I. Personal income tax
II. The required reserve ratio
III. Unemployment insurance benefits
IV. Corporate income taxes

A. II and III only

B. I, II, III, and IV

C. I, III, and IV only

D. I and IV only

Best answer:

Answer by Debbie W
None of the above are automatic. There are to many variables involved. All subject to change based on government intervention.

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Question by dark: Which of the following acts as an automatic stabilizer?
An automatic stabilizer buffers the economy against changes in income without requiring policymakers to take explicit actions

A. All of the other selections

B. Fixed taxes

C. Unemployment compensation

D. Government spending (G)

Best answer:

Answer by diog
B. Fixed Taxes would Realy Help.

But what we REALY need, is NEW JOBS, NEW BUSINESSES, and such.


Government Spending is Killing our Nation.
We need to Plug our Leaks in our Economic Situation. And we need to do the Same Thing with our Boarders.

Seal them, and Cork ‘em Good!! :)

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Question by Suffering: Which one of the following is not an example of automatic stabilizer?
1)Unemployment compensation.
2)The corporate income tax.
3)a special program to build more highway enacred to help combat a recession.
4)Personal income taxes.

Best answer:

Answer by mondayskies
3)a special program to build more highway enacted to help combat a recession – because the trend of output is to decrease in recessions, and expenditure is expected to increase as a share of income in recessions.

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Twitter has begun amending its messaging policy for Verified Accounts, allowing celebrities and brands to receive Direct Messages without having to follow the sender, it was revealed on Monday.

News came via Nabeel Ziyaan, who noticed that the requirement to follow a user to receive a Direct Message had now been removed:

Now, Twitter verified accounts {Brands} can let followers Direct Message without following back.

Ziyaan’s claim was backed up Indian mobile operator Tata DOCOMO, an alliance with Japanese telecom major NTT DOCOMO and the Tata Group. The company tweeted from its official account to alert its followers of the news:

Now to DM us all you need to do is follow @tatadocomo. No need for us to follow you first. Tested and its working.

The relaxation is aimed at providing Twitter users that have large follower counts with a private system with which they can receive a personal message without having to go through the tedious process of following the user, asking them to direct message them, and then unfollow the user after it has been sent.

Twitter has yet to announce the feature but it appears to have silently rolled out over the past few days. Fans of brands or celebrities will welcome the news but we aren’t so sure the celebrities or staff running these popular accounts will be happy to receive an incoming flood of personal messages.

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