Question by reznor222: Where Can I find a good Webhosting Affiliate program?
I am in need of a good webhost that provides an affiliate program with monthly residual income. Does anyone know of a site?

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Answer by arichmofo
That’s an easy one! has an incredible affiliate program that has a stepped commission bracket depending upon how many commissions you bring in within a month – hence, you paid more per commission with the more commissions that you make within a month!

Have you tried any other affiliate programs? I belong to one that is kicking **** with their offers and conversions, pays weekly, and only makes money when you make money! They have support available all day through MSN/AIM, and you get all kinds of incentives to perform! Not only do you get individual performance incentives, but there are monthly competitions as well to get all kinds of cool stuff if you should win!

Click on the banner ad at the top of the below website and sign up… they will send you an e-mail with your account manager’s name and AIM/MSN account…

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Question by : Find the present value of the income stream?
Find the present value of the income stream R(t) = 25,000e^0.05t over the interval 0 ≤ t ≤ 5 at 10% continuous compounding. (Round answers to nearest thousand.)

a. $ 32,000
b. $ 183,000
c. $ 128,000
d. $ 110,000

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Answer by intc_escapee
PV = ∫ 25000 e^(0.05t) e^(-0.1t) dt [0,5]
= -500000 (e^(-1/4) – 1)
≈ 110600

Answer: d. $ 110,000

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Question by Ann: How to find the Interest Earned- Business Calculus?
Find the interested earned at 5% compounded continuously for two years by a continuous income stream with rate flow of f(t) = 1250. (Round answer to the nearest dollar.)
I know the answer is 129 but I don’t know how to get it .Please show steps , Thank you tons.

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Answer by Chem-mad
The formula for continues interest is (A)e^(r x t), where A is amount, e is mathematical constant, r is interest earned, and t is time
A = 1250
r = .05
t = 2
1250e^(.05 x 2) = 1379
subtract 1250 from this amount to get interest earned

1379 – 1250 = 129

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Q&A: Can I find a real online job that pays?

Question by Biz Mama: Can I find a real online job that pays?
I hate surveys, data entry, affiliate marketing and money making systems!! They are all BIG SCAMS… I have spent thousands looking for a real online job!! I am frustrated!

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Answer by GamBit
There isn’t any as far as I can see. sorry..

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Question by BARBIE B: How do you find people to market your website?
There is so much talk of affiliate marketing. I have websites that I would love advertised but I was never good at marketing. I know affiliates make decent money but they are advertising. Where can I find people to advertise my websites and they get paid a specific percentage of the profits for their work? Sort of like affiliate marketing but more or less because I can’t market. I have no problem sharing in the profits, since there won’t be profits without a motivated person on the advertising end of it. Please help.

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Answer by onelife
Go to, which is a marketing site that covers the United Kingdom, USA, Germany and shortly France, Spain and Portugal. Maybe they can help you promote your site?

Unlike most sites, their services are free as long as you carry a return banner to them on your site.

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How to find free information to make money online?

Question by : How to find free information to make money online?
Hello, does anybody know where I could find legitimate FREE information on how to make money online? I really wanted to work from home especially that my job right now is getting shaky? Hope to your sound advises.

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Answer by belle
if you are interested to make money online, visit this site:

Here you can get the best training course how to make money online and make a realistic $ 900 to $ 9000 each month.

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Question by : I’am a senior on a fixed income I need to find some information to fix the thermostat on my pellet stove mysel?
my automatic thermostat on my pellet stove won’t turn off when it reaches a certain temperature it just keeps running.

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Answer by generalw13
You’ll either need to have a little bit of knowledge of electricity and some test equipment or get a hold of a schematic.
Depending upon the size and model, the thermostat may directly control the unit’s operation or it may be linked to a control board with several relays or contactors. I’ve heard about many circuit board failures on pellet stoves. It’s possible that many of them are attributable to burned contacts on relays sticking.
We may be of a little more help if you can post the brand and model.

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