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DeskAway is an online project collaboration Web app by Indian entrepreneurial siblings Sahil and Sitanshi Parikh. It’s a lightweight application that allows small and large teams to work together on projects, with built-in features like time tracking, delegation, file-sharing and to-do list management.

It recently gained a new feature that combines internal project management with social networking on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Announced on the official blog on Tuesday, the new feature allows project owners or task assignees to share tasks with their social circle using a short URL that can be generated on request.

Anyone who then visits that URL can verify themselves using their Facebook or Twitter credentials and leave a comment on the task. It’s a great way to get feedback on that new design you just created or help with a blog entry that is about to go up. The company has tried to quash all doubts that may arise about this feature in an extensive FAQ.

Unfortunately, however, the feature is severely restricted because it does not allow any user to enter more than a single comment. In what could be construed as a somewhat misguided move, the people at DeskAway have tried to counter potential spam on the site by imposing this limitation.

When I pointed out to Sahil that it also hampered the ability of project owners to have a discussion about the tasks with their friends, by disallowing the back-and-forth that is required for it, he told me that they “decided it would be a good way to avoid one person leaving a lot of comments and possibly spamming the system”. But he was also quick to point out that comments could already be edited and that they would “learn how people used this feature, take feedback and iterate for the better”.

Besides the new additions described above, the Web app has a whole host of existing features like the ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously, project history with RSS support, milestones, to-do lists, calendaring, time sheets and a built in discussion board, wiki and email service. It allows easy export of all the data hosted on it and has a bunch of reporting options. It also integrates with popular Web services like FreshBooks, Google Apps and OpenID.

DeskAway has Web-based mobile versions of its app specifically tailored for the iPhone and for other platforms like Android, BlackBerry and others. The service offers three pricing tiers, starting at $ 25 per month for startups, $ 49 for small businesses and $ 99 for large enterprises. A 30-day free trial is available for all plans, after which you have to whip out that credit card.

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Warning: You should know, as useful as this extension is, the slimy developers decided it would be a good idea to auto post a recommendation of the extension to your G+ page the moment you install the extension – without your permission. It will do the same when you connect your twitter/Facebook too. The extension works beautifully but be prepared to delete the autoposts immediately after if you don’t want to spam your friends.

There are a number of extensions and tools out there that attempt to make it easier to cross post between Google+, Facebook and Twitter but perhaps none quite as flexible as Publish sync for Google+ & facebook.

The extension makes it possible to post from either Google+, Facebook, Twitter or Plurk and cross post to all (or just a selection) of the others. It unfortunately doesn’t support Facebook Fan Pages but does support crossposting to specific G+ Circles which is nifty – particularly without a public API.

It currently works seamlessly with text and links; video and images only work when cross posting from Google+. Grab it here. And for more quality Google+ resources check our Mother of All Google+ Resources Lists and this Tumblr.

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Facebook became the second most popular website in the UK last month, overtaking Microsoft websites for the first time as large numbers of older users took to the social network, a new report from UKOM/Nielsen suggests.

Facebook saw 26.8 million Britons visit its website in May, a new record for the social network, increasing 7% year on year. Microsoft’s MSN, WindowsLive and Bing sites saw 26.2 million visitors but Google still dominated in the UK with 33.9 million visitors last month.

Twitter saw growth, helped by the Ryan Giggs super-injunction, increasing its visitors by a third to 6.1 million, with UKOM/Nielsen saying that the number of retired women on the network doubled whilst the Giggs injunctions were being discussed.

It seems that the over-50 demographic has assisted Facebook with its growth, with older users visiting the social network more than under-50s over the last two years. The same demographic is also more likely to visit Twitter, but surprisingly under-18s were less likely than two years ago – something that Facebook has not seen.

LinkedIn, the social network aimed at business users, experienced a 57% increase in visits in May, seeing 3.6 million UK visitors in May.

Reuters reports that elsewhere:

Facebook attracted 140 million visitors in the United States, up 12 percent. In Spain its numbers were up 7 percent, in France 18 percent, in Italy 26 percent and in Germany 72 percent.

Twitter’s visitor numbers rose 22 percent in the United States, 48 percent in France, 58 percent in Italy and more than doubled in Spain. But in Germany they fell by 11 percent.

UKOM/Nielsen monitored the online behaviour of about 50,000 people in Britain and similar numbers in the other countries. The panel was recruited both online and offline.

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A security firm in the UK has claimed that some of its clients had announced on Facebook or Twitter that they were going on holiday, and subsequently their homes were broken into whilst away.

Now, Chelmsford-based Precreate Solutions has apparently launched a service where it operates ‘virtual updates’ whilst its clients are sunning themselves in the south of France – for a small fee, of course.

The Telegraph reports that the security firm’s director, Gary Jackson, said that “Putting up a Facebook posting of photographs on a beach to 300-400 ‘friends’ is like leaving an advert on your door to a burglar telling him when you will be out.”

The service will apparently use pre-approved messages, updates and tweets, which will be scheduled whilst the client is away.

Whether people will buy into this service or not remains to be seen. It’s clear that some people have had their properties broken into after announcing a big trip away, but then surely the solution is then to not announce on Facebook or Twitter that they’re going away on holiday. If they don’t announce they’re going away, then there’s no need to schedule pseudo-updates.

And besides, a simple free tool such as HootSuite lets users schedule updates for a long time into the future themselves. So in terms of a social networking equivalent of ‘putting your hall-light on a timer’, this is all that’s really required.

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The Coca Cola brand is always ahead of the curve when it comes to social media and it proved that yet again with its latest campaign video from Isreal where it used Facebook Places to encourage users to recycle their old bottles. 10,000 recycling bins were placed around the country and all given their own Facebook place. Users were then encouraged to check into the spots and take photos as they recycled their bottles. The winner was dubbed “The Recycling King.”

The real beauty of this campaign is that it taps into that feeling of social conscience with the theory being that if you see your friends recycling then you will feel nearly obliged to start doing the same yourself. It created huge buzz online which all reflected well on Coke for doing something to improve the enviornment (and sell more Coca Cola obviously). It’s another example of a great offline campaign that pushes into the online world and indeed one of the best previous examples we have seen of that came from Coca Cola in Isreal last year.

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People using Facebook in work is a huge problem for employers and some go as far as banning it completely for all their employees in a fruitless bid to increase productivity. Well a new app from Diesel is seeking to solve that problem and allow you to access Facebook all day long without anybody being the wiser that you are social networking instead of working on tiresome documents.

The app hooks up to your Facebook account using Facebook connect and you can start updating your status, liking content and chatting with your friends all from what looks like an excel spreadsheet to the outside world. Their campaign is all about making work more fun and although employers are not going to like this you have to take your hat off to Diesel for coming up with a great concept that is sure to get some serious buzz online in the coming days. Excel spreadsheets have never been this fun. Introducing Excelbook…

Connect Your Account

This is essentially a desktop app so the first thing you will have to do is head over to the site and download it for either PC or Mac. Once it launches the app will prompt you to log in with your Facebook account and ask you to pull information from your account.

Update Status And Interact With Friends

Once you have logged into the app it looks to all intents and purposes that you are using an excel spreadsheet and carrying out serious work. All your Facebook status updates and messages from your friends display within the columns and you can even flick between the wall, chat and the news feed. It’s not the full Facebook experience but you can always click on the links which will open up in a new window and you can do simple things like update your status and reply to friends from within the spreadsheet.

Genius Marketing

All of this is carried out by Diesel in a bid to make work more fun and you can see the campaign site here. It’s a cool little app that will get people talking and some people might use it but it’s more about making a bit of noise around the launch of the campaign and for the relatively small cost of developing a simple app it is something that will get massive coverage because of it’s connections to Facebook. Hats off to Diesel on this one.

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Great Plugin To Fix Facebook Like Problems

Facebook Like problems are very common. When users like your page it is seen many times that the wrong title, description, or image shows up. To overcome these problems, Pritesh Gupta has recently released a new WordPress Plugin to help address many of these issues (while still giving you the flexibility you need to control … Continue Reading
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