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Life Changing Self Hypnosis Mp3s By Email.
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Life Changing Self Hypnosis Mp3s By Email.

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At it’s most basic level, the new service cc:to me is an easy and free way to email bookmarks to yourself from anywhere on the web.¬†Because cc:to me gets everything done with the simple use of a bookmarklet, it doesn’t matter what your operating system or browser of choice is – anyone can use the service.

CC:to me couldn’t be easier to use. Simply navigate to the page you want to bookmark and click it. If you want to add text and images from that page select the text and then drag and drop, and it will be included in the email. Images are simply dragged and dropped into the window.

Cc:to me becomes a great alternative to services like Instapaper and Read it Later, giving you a quick way to save web pages for reading later. Gmail users in particular can really take advantage of email filters and labels to keep bookmarks their organized. The first step is to create a filter for all incoming emails from cc:to me.

To keep it further organized, founder Joel Monegro suggests taking a page from Twitter’s hashtags. Since you can add any text of your choice, adding hashtags to each email to categorize the bookmarks means you can easily navigate to the bookmarks of your choice at the click of a button.

Cc:to me also has a huge advantage over Instapaper and other similar services – and that is that it gives you one less account to log into. You’re going to log into your email no matter what, so why not use cc:to me to keep track of the pages on the web that you want to come back to later?

Pro accounts will be launching soon which will give cc:to me even more functionality. With a pro account, you will be able to email your links to other people as well. This gives the service a great collaborative angle making it a useful tool for teams who want to easily share links and text anywhere from the web.

Pro accounts will also be able to send POST requests to applications, so it has the potential to be integrated with other services like Dropbox.

While cc:to me emails contain the text and images you select, you don’t have to worry about adding the actual link because the service automatically adds it for you.

Cc:to me is a handy little tool which can slip right into your daily online routine because it is so unobtrusive and plugs right into whatever system you’re using. It’s genius lies in its simplicity and flexibility, because you can decide exactly how you want to use the service.

Have you tried out cc:to me? Let us know what you think of it in the comments.

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Login To WordPress With Your Email

In our search for the best in WordPress Plugins, we are always happy to discover a plugin that is so simple, so elegant, and that so just works! Today, we are pleased to introduce you to the WP Email Login Plugin. This free Plugin allows you to login to WordPress via an email as opposed … Continue Reading
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AOL owned,¬† has just rolled out a new feature that it’s beta testing – email addresses. While addresses were previously only used by team members, they’re extending the service to anyone who has an account.

Your username will become your email address, and you can send and receive emails, and see your incoming messages in your dashboard.’s email also supports IMAP and POP, so you can plug in your email address into your preferred email client.

Log in to your account, and go to ‘Offers’ to claim your email address now.

Of course’s email is powered by AOL, so if you go to your main inbox, this is what you’re going to see:

That said, you can still compose, read and reply to messages directly from within’s move may encourage more people to use AOL’s email, but at the same time, how many people are actually willing to ditch their preferred email service for this? While there is certainly a convenience in having an email address that ties directly into what is essentially a virtual business card, I’d guess that people are more likely to set up their address, and simply forward all messages to their main email account.

If nothing else, if you managed to snag your first name for your account, it will definitely make for a cool email address that’s very easy to share.

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Many of the tasks we’ve traditionally undertaken have been moving over to mobile over the past few years thanks to devices like the iPhone that have shifted our expectations.

Email usage is one of those tasks, with email marketing company Campaign Monitor revealing some interesting patterns from the last two years of data it has collected from — and here’s a sample size for you — over 2 billion recipients.

The percentage of emails opened on a mobile device has risen from just 4% in May 2009 to 20% in May 2011 while desktop client usage has declined by 11%. Webmail has shown the least change over two years, with a 4% decline.

As one might expect, among mobile devices the iPhone is leading the pack with a whopping 71.98% lead. The iPad actually appears next at 14.95% before other smartphones such as Android, which makes up 8.24% of the mobile email use.

One of the points that David Greiner, co-founder of Campaign Monitor, makes is that CSS support on mobile devices is generally far superior to support in desktop clients. If these trends continue and clients with CSS support become the norm we could be moving toward a golden age for email design, like the one we’ve seen on the web this year as HTML5 and CSS3 support has become more widespread.

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