what is the most profitable item to sell on e-bay?

Question by diamond heart: what is the most profitable item to sell on e-bay?
i’m looking to incorporate some internet sales cash flow into my income streams. any suggestions?

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Answer by abcd
Collectibles and rare products. One of its kind and popular are the most profitable.

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Question by Quinn: How to make your first ebay affiliate website?
I want to make an ebay affiliate website to possibly make some money and gain experience in building websites. I want to market gold and silver on ebay since their value is expected to increase in the next few years. Btw im 14 years old in california.

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Answer by Jake
I understand not everyone can qualify to be an eBay affiliate, it got tougher since they took over managing their own affiliate program. I have heard the biggest money is in recruiting new ebay members.

There are different ways to make money from that commodity, affiliate links to buy your gold web sites might be more profitable.

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