Question by Lowell Mass: I want to sell renters and some specialty insurance on the side, is this easy to set up?
I know a lot of residents in large complexes, and would like to start a side business that could potentially have some residual income also. I am thinking of linking up as an agent or possible working freelance with an agent. Is this possible?

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Answer by Zarnev
Yes, it is possible.

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To help manage and administer your website both Google and Bing provide a free service to help their search engines understand your website.   You can submit your sitemap, set your preferred canonical domain (www vs. non-www), set your geographic targets,  get notified of crawling errors and a variety of similar tasks a webmaster would want to perform or know about.

To access this information, you need to login into Google's and Bing's Webmaster Tools and add your site.   Both services will require that you verify you own the site your trying to manage.  This is can be accomplished by adding a specific file to your site, setting up a domain record or adding a HTML <meta> tag to your page header.  With Semiologic's Script Manager the latter is easily accomplished.   You simply go to Settings in your WordPress Dashboard, select Scripts & Meta, enter the <meta name=……. /> line provider by the Webmaster Tools, save and then verify.   That's all there is to it.  Easy and painless site verification.

Script Manager Settings

Script Manager Settings

Of course Script Manager has all sorts of other uses such as entering javascript code, including external css and javascript files, and adding additional html meta data to your header or footer.  The plugin also has the ability to run javascript code against an OnLoad event.  Pretty useful stuff to modify your site without needing to edit theme files.

(Note: Google does provide a couple of additional verification methods using your Google Analytics code or Google's Tag Manager)


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Question by Hi: How to make Money online if you are 14 years and 10 months old EASY?
How to make Money online if you are 14 years and 10 months old EASY?

I would like money online! I am 14 years and 10 Months old and live in Australia!

What websites are good?

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Answer by Jim Div
Try to visit a facebook page called Money Terminal. You may find an answer for your question.

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Question by : Is BlogHatter easy to use and will it help me make money blogging?
I've seen the promos for this program coming out in a few days. Just wondering if anyone has it yet (maybe someone that got it before it's official live date) and does it work? I'm a blogger and I work with a lot of content, so this looks useful.

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Answer by Robeerto
Yes, I use it almost daily and can vouch for the program's features and benefits. It makes uploading articles to my blogs 1000x easier! Instead of using the WP or Blogger interface, which is very manual and you have to do it one at a time, you can use BlogHatter to do it quickly. Read my BlogHatter review on my blog. I am offering some of the best BlogHatter bonus items, too.

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