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How To Make Money With Clickbank and YouTube Complete guide: So in this video, you’ll learn how to make money with Clickbank products by promoting them on YouTube. You can make around per day within few weeks. And remember, you can scale up by making more videos or joining other affiliate networks. The three basic steps of this “how to make money with Clickbank and YouTube” system are… 1. Research a Clickbank product to promote that meets the requirements (and we’ll talk about what those are in a bit) 2. Create a review video and post it to YouTube 3. Do some video SEO (you can easily outsource this on Fiverr) to rank your video on the top of Google and enjoy recurring streams of affiliate commissions. So let’s jump right into how to make money with Clickbank and YouTube. First we want to choose a product from the Clickbank marketplace that has a good affiliate payout and low to medium competition. I only promote products that pay or more per sale and have a gravity between 10 and 100. Once you find a suitable product, go do a Google search for the product and make sure there’s already a video on the front page. If so, check if there’s less than 20000 views. If so, that’s a green light because it means we can out-rank the existing video with simple SEO. Next, we want to create a highly engaging video to promote the product. The best way to do this is to do an “inside look” review video by either buying the product yourself or asking the
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Question by : Can someone please tell me the secret to making money online as an affiliate marketer with clickbank?
I have bought every guru scam and nothing works, but it can be done. Whats the secret? I am not an idiot I am desperate and cant land a job. Please share some insight. Thank you.

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Answer by Willie Lawrence
The key is being persistent and using every known traffic source like craigslist, youtube, stumbleupon, pinterest.

I’ve made money by creating a blog, writing articles for the blog and then submitting those articles to directories like ezinearticles and articlesbase.

The key is generating tons of targeted traffic. I could go on and on here.

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Making Money With Clickbank

See description for how I make money… See my top money makers: How I Promote Clickbank Products How to get started with Clickbank See my Clickbank Earnings Learn how to build a website Start your website here and get free domain forwarding and access to free videos for how to setup your website. http Take BIG Action Now towards Make Money Online Take Action Make Money Online. This will blow you away! Making Money Online made easy. How To Make Money Online You’ve never seen anything like this before: I hope you’re ready to Make Real Money Online. Fast & Easy. The number one way to make money at home beginners welcome. Learn How to make money online. Learn How to make money online easily. Home Based Business Opportunities, Make Money At Home Business(Make Money Online)Best Jobs{Internet marketing}Make Money At Home Business(Make Money Online Fast)Best Jobs{Affiliate Programs} How to make money online Fast & Easy – Make money with mobil marketing , earn extra income with affiliate marketing youtube, Affiliate Marketing For The Beginner – training Part Time Jobs Work At Home Tools tips tricks and secrets, Start your own home based business today, clickbank, facebook google amazon – amazon full time part Income Online Best Opportunities beginners newbies Teenage teenagers women Kids students moms dads Make Cash as Needed with mobil smart phones “How To Make Money Online” “make money” “making money online” “work from home” “work at home” “make money at home” with mobil Marketing business opportunities, how to earn money working at home best business ideas very easy jobs to start 2011 2012 easiest ways make cash work online “internet marketing” “affiliate marketing” training program earn extra residual income tips work at home best legit – Learn how to use Clickbank to make money by creating awesome product review videos that can produce huge commissions. This video will show you how to select a good Clickbank product and then find good keywords to ensure lots of traffic. This is a really effective way to make money using Clickbank, YouTube, and other video sharing sites. If you really want to learn how to make money as a video marketer, visit
Video Rating: 5 / 5 CLICKBANK MARKETING SECRETS HOW TO USE SEO TO GENERATE LEADS AND MAKE MONEY ONLINE WITH YOUR HOME BASED BUSINESS 484-525-6014./ SEO MARKETING SECRETS EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ATTRACTION MARKETING AND NETWORK MARKETING , • A Computer • Internet Access and E-mail • A FREE PayPal Account • A Domain (.com, .org, .info) ECT. http • Sign up to How to make money working from home fast as an affiliate network marketer Some tools you will need are the follow. Sign up for http you will need some pics for your PowerPoint video’s • First you need to sign up for a YouTube account. • Second you are going to open PowerPoint and put your thoughts together save it as a jpeg. • Third you are going to open your PowerPoint saved jpeg file with Windows Movie Maker • Fourth you are going to save the project then save the file to your computer desktop. • Fifth pick your Hop link from Click bank then use http to mask you affiliate link. • Sixth you are going to upload you Slide show to YouTube and fill it with content. So you think you’re done? Almost, now it’s time for the brain to do some work. Time for some keyword Research *Best choice in Search Engine Optimization and video distribution *Second choice- Sign up for Free Video Marketing Broadcasting with you will need this to broadcast your video to many search engines at one time.. Once we get you
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How To Make Money As A Clickbank Newbie!!

A quick video showing proof that anyone, even a newbie internet marketer can make money online!! Attn: The training guide i used originally when i made this video is no long available, but the link below is another training guide that is just as good and is also cheaper!!! FB Ads Guide: For some free affiliate/internet marketing tips please visit my blog: & present the making of “Bout My Money” by Ice Berg feat. BallGreezy recorded at Circle House Studios Miami,FL. Video produced by Matthew Hoyos( Follow : ClickBank Squeeze Pages for affiliates everything is done for you. Visit – You get Clickbank squeeze pages for affilaites and follow up messages. This is a affiliate marketers dream. You can build a list and be able to send a mass email to a targeted list and get paid over and over. It doesnt get any easier than this. ClickBank marketing is a great way to make some extra income. Its makes it easy for affiliates to make money. It has gotten harder because there a some many products now and the affiliate competition is getting greater you need a edge over other marketers. Most people are not going to buy the first time. Thats why you give them a free product and by email and then you market your clickbank product. By doing this you create a relationship with your customers and you can market to them often with related products this is how you get the big bucks. Most gurus this is the real way the make alot of money. You can do the same this products works. You will see high conversion rates. Some people buy a product the first time some take convincing alot of affiliates are missing out on these people. They are yours for the taking. This will grow you ClickBank Business so much faster. Try the system out today and watch as your clickbank checks get bigger and bigger.
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