Question by JP: What if you could work from home for a real business and have fun doing it? Would You?
This is for all those who want to work from home making a residual income. What would your dream job be? (From home)

I am currently doing mine through my home business. Im not going to say what it is but if you want more info email me. I will let you know what it is and give you some info on it.
since people are so interested it is Monavie

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Answer by I am because He is!
why not let us know what it is?

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Question by Bill: What business can I do with a high volume mail inserter? Please help?
I’m broke and have no job……..I worked in a mailroom for an insurance business. We would basicaly mail “leads” for agents across the nation. Well after enough agents were signed and “underneath” our company my boss just decided to close the mailroom and just make residual income from the agents, leaving me with no job. Odd thing happend, he called me back and said that instead of selling the Pitney Bowes Series 8 inserter machine he would just give it to me and sign the contract over to me. The machine is paid off and still has warranty and mechanic assistance. Is there anything I can do? Maybe open a mailroom for another insurance company? Or do mass mailing for the public? I’m also considering Pitney Bowes training for a couple months to help me better understand the machine for myself. Any suggestions? Anything will help. Thanks

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Answer by trimagna
There are many opportunities for mailing.

Using the Web and Fedex you can provide service nationwide.

When I google “Pitney Bowes inserter” I see other companies selling that kind of equipment as sponsored ads.

Try to find a search phrase which brings up companies selling the inserter service.

When you sign up with Google for adwords, they help you estimate how much to pay per click-through to get good positioning on the sponsored results column.

You might have to partner with a company that prints the contents such as collection notices, auto dealer promotions, etc.

Worse case, sell the stuffer. Isn’t it worth at least $ 20,000?

Good luck,
– CarlD

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From time to time we invite guests to post about subjects of interest and today we’re pleased to share a post from Guy Willoughby, Executive Director of the HALO Trust, a U.K.-based nonprofit dedicated to landmine clearance in post-conflict areas. Hear how HALO is using Google Maps for Business to fight the war against mines, clearing more than 1.4 million landmines worldwide. -Ed.

When conflicts end, making communities safe and livable often means removing dangerous remnants of war. “Getting mines out of the ground, for good,” as we say at the HALO Trust, has been our mission over the last 25 years. We work in more than a dozen countries and regions across the globe, clearing landmines and other explosives, many of which have been buried underground. While we’ve been in operation for almost three decades, there is still more to be done.

In Kosovo, where people are reclaiming their homeland after the conflict in 1999, we’re working in close cooperation with the government and local population to collect and share information about where mines are located. It’s a true community effort—farmers tell us where they’ve seen signs of mines and where accidents have occurred. It’s our job at the HALO Trust to take this data and make it usable, accessible, and visually compelling, so clearance becomes more efficient and happens faster.

One of our biggest challenges is keeping our field teams safe. We need easy-to-use tools that can help us find, map and clear hazardous areas without putting our operations at risk. Over the years, we’ve continuously improved our mine clearance techniques, including the deployment of Google Earth Pro.

Google Earth Pro makes it easier for the HALO team to do the dangerous and detailed work of finding and mapping at-risk areas. Because it’s based on the same technology as Google Maps and Earth, it’s easy for our teams to use and create maps without IT or GIS expertise. It’s a tool that is familiar to our employees and something they use in their daily lives, so we can start mapping right away.

The information we gather, including GPS references to landmines in the field, is imported into Earth Pro so that we can plot mine locations. We also use the incredibly detailed satellite imagery in Google Earth to identify and map hazardous areas. These high-resolution maps serve many people: from families who live near mines, to crews who clear them, and donors and other organizations that support us. When donors view the vivid interactive maps of our project areas—with mines so close to schools, farms and houses—they understand why the HALO Trust’s work is so critical.

Accurate maps from Google Earth Pro mean safer working conditions for our local teams, and faster progress toward our goals. In Kosovo alone, we’ve removed thousands of landmines, cluster munitions and other explosives. And with the help of Google’s mapping tools and our donors, we’ll be able to declare the country mine-free.

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Question by Tatsu N: What is the difference between business income and salary?

I’m going to file my Articles of Incorporation soon. I plan on creating a Class S corporation. However, the tax portions still seem to baffle me.

I understand how Class S corporations are tax transparent so no corporate taxes are required due to the fact that all profits are sent directly to the shareholders and marked on their personal income tax returns.

Despite this, the literature I have read seems to distinguish between marking business income and salary on personal tax returns. I’ve had little experience with taxes, especially when it comes to taxes on corporate profits.

Can anyone give me the distinction?

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Answer by ajlepisto
Business Income would be the income that the business makes. Since you are making your own Corp. it’s assumed that you will then give yourself a salary, which would be your own personal income.

When you have a Corporation, it’s treated as a separate entity, so you have to track it’s income and expenses, as well as your own.


I think I understand what you mean a little better. I would suggest you talk to a CPA, but from what I understand, you can take a certain amount of “reasonable salary” from your gross income, and then the rest is available for business deductions, etc. This basically means you can deduct it as a business expense before your overall income is taxed.

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Question by captainespinosa: I am thinking of becoming an affiliate by advertising products on my Blog. I want to start an online business.?
Can anyone show me where I can find good products? And or show me how to write a good blog to get a lot of attention. I know there are ways to make money online without any out of pocket cash, and that is what I am looking for. Because I feel why spend money to make someone else some money. Can you help me in any way shape or form?
Thanks. God bless you.

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Answer by Iaesmom
Good places to sell product for are bay and amazon. Look at products you like online and see if the page is looking for affiliates. Even ticketmaster sells through affiliates.

Here’s a good place to start learning about blogging and get a good free site. Read this and see if it interests you. Hope it helps

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Question by Jim L: Has anyone heard of a program called Online Business Alliance?
The creator of Online Business Alliance, Dave Gray, has created a program called “Online Business Alliance”. Supposedly for just $ 5 you can have your own Internet business up and running in no time and have residual income coming in. Has anyone heard about this or involved in this now?

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Answer by sdn90036
It sounds like a scam. Do a Google search on the name of the company and “scam.”

The words “residual income” raise a red flag that this company is not legitimate. Only the people at the very top will make money.

Good luck.

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Question by Ann: How to find the Interest Earned- Business Calculus?
Find the interested earned at 5% compounded continuously for two years by a continuous income stream with rate flow of f(t) = 1250. (Round answer to the nearest dollar.)
I know the answer is 129 but I don’t know how to get it .Please show steps , Thank you tons.

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Answer by Chem-mad
The formula for continues interest is (A)e^(r x t), where A is amount, e is mathematical constant, r is interest earned, and t is time
A = 1250
r = .05
t = 2
1250e^(.05 x 2) = 1379
subtract 1250 from this amount to get interest earned

1379 – 1250 = 129

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