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Question by Anthony K: What Is The Best Way To Make Money On Line That Is Long Term?
I need to a thorough explanation of how i can get online and make alot of money that lasts for a long time...residual income! Im not looking for any schemes or get rich quick ideas but more like a solid online business plan/method that actually generates alot of money for the long term!

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Answer by Great Scott
If I had a plan that worked I'd be charging a LOT of money for it.
Making money online is a myth.

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Question by QueAndAy: Is using an immediate annuity and investing in mutual funds the best of both worlds for an early retirement?
Lately, I've been thinking much about an early retirement. Have worked over 20 years in the same company. Plus, always good to prepare as I've seen friends and family get an early retirement forced upon them. I was thinking about using an immediate annuity (along with a pension) for a guarenteed income stream. However, since a regular income wouldn't keep up with inflation, I'd definitely still want to have money invested in mutual funds too.

Let's say the annuity plus penison brings in about $ 50,000 a year, with about $ 400,000 left in other investments and a Roth IRA about $ 50,000. Also, no mortage in home, no dependents to provide for. With $ 50,000, some of that can still be used to continue investing in mutual funds even in retirement. Thus, if a bear market comes along, it's comforting to know there is a steady income stream.

Would that combination of annuity and mutual funds be the best of both worlds for a stress free early retirement?

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Answer by mybluemax1
I recommend talking with a finiatial consultant, Edward Jones or Charles Schwab (at least for ideas). There are pros and cons to every decision.

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Question by Chris4u: Does anyone know where is the best social networking site that really help people to earn money?
I am looking at long term relationship with people that really want help me to grow.And I am looking at a social networking for making money every month.

I want long terms residual income social networking and making personal contact with people.

I am tire of selling a program to a program that cheat,hype and bragging all the way.

So,if there a site? Please help!

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Answer by Guilles
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More importantly, can you achieve the success, prosperity and lifestyle of your dreams and truly love what you do every day of your life? Let this website be your guide for one of the most lucrative home businesses on the market today.
Personal Development is a 12 Billion dollar industry with substantial yearly growth and this business will guide you step by step in marketing these Personal Development Products.

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affiliate money making
by SS&SS

Question by John: Best way to make money online as good as Google adsense or amazon affiliates?
My wife and I are aware of Amazon Affiliates and Google Adsense as the best ways to make money from a website. Do you know of another ads, product selling, or affiliate program that does as well or better than these two?

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Answer by doretta
If you really want to make google adsense money check out

It will teach you how to make 1k , Check it out, you will be making a full income online in no time

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Question by mdonovan85: What is the best way to pick the bottom of a stock?
I am watching several strong stocks that around 15% - 20% from their highs. They are cheap on valuation but I want to try and pick the bottom to speed up my money making.

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Answer by
if you are familiar with technical analysis, look for the following:
- price bouncing off major support
- oversold condition
- candlestick reversal pattern
- if available, high volume.

even if all of these are present, make sure you have a stop loss order in place in case you are wrong about that trade.

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