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Question by The Don: Thinking about buying a Hyundai Tuscon 4 Cylinder (Automatic trans)… any positives/negatives I should know?
I’ve looked at a special offer running on a new one but I’d like to hear from someone who owns one. (We have a small family & a dog on a single income.)

Best answer:

Answer by aj20031018
Well, since you have a family and sound like you will be carry a load at times I think you should upgrade to the V6 model like the SE. The Tucson SE has 33 more HP and and 40 more Torque 2 gallon larger tank and gets about 1.5 MPG less then the GLS. You might also consider the Santa Fe GLS for about the same price though. Since you are single income, I’d consider getting a used model like a 2007 and save about 45-50% off the retail price. Hyundai has once again been named the #1 non-luxury brand for initial quality by JD Power.


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Question by : A major advantage of automatic stabiliziers in fiscal policy is that they?
A) Reduce the public debt
B) Stabilize the unemployment rate
C) Go into effect without passage of new legislation
D) Automatically reduce the inflation rate

Explain answer pleasee

1.) The intersection of the aggregate supply curve and the aggregate demand curve occurs at the economy’s equilibrium level of

A) real investment and the interest rate
B) real disposable income and unemployment
C) real national output and the price level
D) imports and exports

Explain answer pleasee

Best answer:

Answer by tutormetutor_at_gmial_dot_com
C) Go into effect without passage of new legislation

Fiscal policy has very severe time lags, because it requires passing through congress. As a result its possible that by the time it passes, it may not be the right thing for the economy at that time and may actually do damage.

C) real national output and the price level
The graph of SRAS and AD has price level on the vertical axis and output on the horizontal axis.
Both AS and AD have to do with the relationship between pricelevel and output produced or demanded.

*email my username for more help

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Question by souper.gloo: Which of the following examples are examples of automatic stabilizers?
1. The federal funds rate
2. The discount rate
3. Personal income taxes


Best answer:

Answer by Michelle B
It’s 2, the discount rate controlled by the FED.

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Question by Kris C.: Which of the following are examples of automatic stabilizers?
I. Personal income tax
II. The required reserve ratio
III. Unemployment insurance benefits
IV. Corporate income taxes

A. II and III only

B. I, II, III, and IV

C. I, III, and IV only

D. I and IV only

Best answer:

Answer by Debbie W
None of the above are automatic. There are to many variables involved. All subject to change based on government intervention.

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Latest Automatic Income News

98/365: 1979-1980
automatic income

Image by bloody marty mix
Monday, 01 September 2008.

40 Years in 40 Days [ view the entire set ]
An examination and remembrance of a life at 40.

For the 40 days leading up to my 40th birthday, I intend to use my 365 Days project to document and remember my life and lay bare what defines me. 40 years, 40 qualities, 40 days.

Year 12: 1979-1980

In the spring of my 6th grade year, I tried out for the following year’s 7th grade cheerleading squad. I did so primarily because I wanted to be able to go to all the basketball games, but I was not completely unmoved by the promise of popularity. The social ecosystem had begun to take solid form, with clusters of kids congealing around such ephemera as perceived family income (not necessarily actual), wardrobe choices, grades, and of course, the less mutable attractiveness. There was considerable overlap in these groups out of practical necessity. It was a very small school. Each grade had fewer than 100 students (usually much fewer), and it was not possible to field a credible basketball team without band geeks, or put on a theater production without jocks. Still, there was a social hierarchy, and I was not entirely benefitting from it.

As it turns out, being a cheerleader didn’t give me an automatic in with the top of the social food chain, and that suited me fine. The more time I spent around them, the less I wanted to be a part of that full-time. Toward the end of the year, the popular crowd literally sent an emissary (no, I am not kidding) to ask if I wanted to switch groups and be in their group of friends. I was so offended by the painfully inorganic ritual, and what it probably meant about how these people operated, that I said no. The emissary, who was a girl I actually liked quite a lot, seemed shocked. I don’t think any of them expected I would turn down what must have seemed to them a very generous offer. I wonder if any of them, even to this day, would understand how absurd it was. So, I continued to be a floater… a middle-dweller, occupying the space between the jocks and the brains, translating the languages of one for the other. It was a spot in which I was very comfortable, and one in which I’ve opted to stay.

In the previous year, we’d purchased an unfinished house just north of town, and we spent the following months doing much of the finishing work ourselves. We put in walls and insulation, laid flooring, painted and spackled, and when we were done, we had a little, square, two-story, chalet-style house. My little brother and I finally had our own separate bedrooms. They were small, but they were ours. Our parents bedroom was upstairs in the A-frame portion of the house. The bedroom walls sloped in sharply to a point along the center of the room. It was only possible to stand completely upright in an area about 4-5 feet across. The house had a forced-air, natural gas heating system, but it was rarely used. Right in the middle of the open downstairs living/kitchen area sat a large wood-burning stove, and we kept its fire burning non-stop from late September through early May. The stove was propped up on a brick bed, and I quickly learned that standing on the edge of the bricks, with my toes hanging off and my backside warming against the heat, was a peaceful vantage point from which to view the various goings-on in the house.

Who am I?

I am a cultural dichotomy.

People who meet me as an adult are often completely baffled when they discover that I used to be a cheerleader. I have always been, to varying degrees, a counterculture kind of person. That’s probably less obviously true of me now that it has been in the past. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve just had less energy to care about whether I looked suitably edgy enough. But, anyone who knows me well, knows that I have a hearty streak of disdain for most social norms, and that I am as much a nerd as any of my ten thousand acquaintances who work in IT, and as much of a misanthrope as any black-eyeliner abusing, angsty teenager.

And so it always flips people out when they discover that I love sports, and American Idol, and America’s Next Top Model, and any number of other trashy, pedestrian, un-intellectual, and even anti-intellectual pursuits. I had a boss once who said he had to completely rework his understanding of who I was after I told him I enjoyed bowling. Later, after I told him I’d dated a coworker who was generally understood to be the baddest bad boy, he had to start all over once again. I think if I’d told him that I had football season tickets and that my secret heros are all drag queens, his head might have melted from the strain.

This sort of complexity shouldn’t be hard to understand or anticipate, but for some reason it always makes people uncomfortable. But then, I’m OK with that, too.

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